Saturday, September 22, 2012

Family Memo Station & Mini Mudroom

For quite sometime I've been browsing around for inspiration for a family memo station. A nice place for all incoming and outgoing mail and paperwork, a place for keys, and a place to keep up with game schedules and appointments.

Our dining area is the first room we enter when coming in to the house, so naturally the dining table gets cluttered with everything that we bring in with us. 

This was driving me batty! When the table is cluttered I feel like the whole house is a mess for some reason! Plus, it makes serving dinner more difficult. It's an added step to move all the stuff off the table from the day's events before prepping the table for our meal.

So, our family memo station and mini mudroom was born!

It's located directly behind the back door so it's easily accessible when entering and exiting the house.

The wire magazine rack is from TJ Maxx. I created the top for incoming mail and paperwork and the bottom for outgoing mail and paperwork.

I don't always have time to sort through every piece of paper as soon as it comes in the house, so this is sort of a drop zone for all that kind of stuff until I can get to it.

The little key holder is from Target. It's nice to have a place just for them, so they are not lost. Plus it's easier to grab them on our way out the door. The decorative "O" is from TJ Maxx and is hung with a piece of jute twine.

I found this neat dry erase calendar in the clearance aisle at Walmart last week for 3 dollars. I like it because it works for magnets as well.

Now, we have a place to double check what's on the day's agenda before we head out the door.

So that takes care of the paper and key clutter, but I also needed a designated place for jackets, bags, and shoes.

I made the other small wall in this space into a mini mudroom. 

The hooks on the wall are from Lowes, and the Closetmaid bench is from Target. Now we each have a basket for shoes, and a place to hang our jackets and bags when we come in.

Here is a view to see how both of these new areas tie in with the rest of the room. (The door you see to the left is to our laundry room.) 

Now the dining table can stay clutter free!

Little by little this place is getting organized!

Have a blessed day!

UPDATE: I updated our mini mudroom, check it our here.

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