Thursday, January 31, 2013

Home Tour - Audrey's big girl room

A few months ago I decided it was time for my little girl to have a big girl bedroom. She is now four years old and it seems like overnight she went from being a baby to becoming a young girl full of personality. I wanted to create a room for her that reflected the sweet loving young girl she has become.

When we first bought our house, this room looked like this:

And now, it's looking more like this:

I began by painting the walls a soft gray. The color is Bonsai from Valspar.  I felt more comfortable adding in lots of color with all the accessories by keeping the walls a neutral color.

I chose white accents because I think they pop nicely against the gray walls, and of course added lots of pink! Pink is Audrey's favorite color at the moment.

The bedding is actually a quilt set. Quilts are so easy to maintain. The more you wash them the better they get which is nice especially for a kid's room. I love all the fun colors and the sweet cottage touch the quilt adds to the space.

The dresser is an antique piece that my husband's aunt gave us. I painted it with several coats of glossy white paint and added random polkadots to the drawers with the left over paint from the walls. The pink knobs give it an extra girly touch.

The flower mirror above the dresser is actually made of a small mirror and poster board petals. I followed this tutorial found here. The original tutorial is for a sunburst mirror. I modified it a little to create a flower.

I purchased the curtain panels from Lowes. I think hot pink and gray go so well together. The canvas hanging on the wall to the left of the window is a picture of Audrey playing on the beach. Playing at the beach is her favorite thing to do. She talks about it all the time, and wears her bathing suit around the house whenever we are home, even in the winter. She is constantly ready for the beach! Her play kitchen fits in nice beside her bed.

I hand painted the tree on her wall behind her bed. I used sample cans of paint in two different shades of pink and the same glossy white paint used on her dresser. I added the wall flowers for a 3D effect.

This little table was once a flower stand and it was black and hunter green. A quick coat of hot pink spray paint made it the perfect bedside table for her books and her cup of water she takes to bed every night.

The other side of the room features a gallery wall. The vanity was mine when I was younger. I updated it by painting it the same color as the walls and adding pink knobs to match the ones on her dresser. The small table and chairs are a nice place for her to color and create. I painted her entire closet door with chalkboard paint and added a couple of the wall flowers from her tree to the top.

So far Audrey is loving her new space. She even keeps her room clean! Crazy right?! It's a win win!

Source List:
Wall color: Bonsai by Valspar
Curtain panels and rods: Lowes
Play kitchen: Target
Small white table and chairs set:
Gray rug: Dollar General
Canvas Photo: Sam's Club
Hello Kitty pillow: Sears
Flower pillow: TJ Maxx
Pink knobs on dresser and vanity: Lowes
Pink animal net: Walmart
Lamp on dresser: Target
3D wall flowers: Bed Bath & Beyond

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New old dining room table

A couple of years ago I ordered a new dining table online. I loved the look of it and thought it would be really cool having a counter height table.

After we received it and put it together I still loved it, but it felt way to big for our small house. I re-positioned it every way I could think of. I decided to wait until our addition was complete and give this table another chance.  No matter what, it was just too big and bulky for our house. It's hard to tell from the picture, but in person it was just too much of a table.

It has been moved to the basement and now serves as our craft table. It's actually nice because Audrey can do her crafts without worrying about her little brother pulling everything off the table since he can't reach it. :)

Anyways, I was on the hunt for a new dining table, and in the form of hand-me-downs from three different dining sets, I found one!

Here is our new dining room table and chairs!

I began by sanding everything down and cleaning it all with a damp cloth. Next, I spray painted all the chairs. For the four black chairs I chose a satin finish, and for the two white chairs on each end I chose a glossy white. I also spray painted the base of the table with the same black spray paint as the chairs.

After the chairs dried and cured completely (I waited about 2 or so weeks) I used a course sanding block to sand all the edges to allow the previous wood color to show through. It gave them a nice antiqued look.

Next, I tackled the top. It was a bit more challenging due to the glossy finish. It required lots of sanding with an electric sander to get it dull enough to re-stain.

I used the same stain I used for my kitchen cart makeover, but this time it turned out a little lighter. I'm still happy with the results.

It took me about a month to finish this project. I worked on it in stages as I had the time. Mostly during nap times and in the mornings before the kids woke up.

It was worth it! It fits into our space much nicer than our previous table, and we can now seat 2 extra people, which is nice for when we have guests. Plus it has that cottage feel, especially in person.

Have a blessed day!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crayon Caddy

I'm in the process of creating a craft space in our basement. My goal is to have a designated place for coloring, painting, jewelry making, playing with play-doh, etc. I want to have things easily accessible so Audrey can hop up at the table and start creating without having to take 10 minutes to hunt down everything she will need.

My first step in this process was to think of a way to coral all her crayons and paint brushes. My solution? Remember this cool dish I picked up at a yard sale and spray painted?

It originally lived in our kitchen...

...but now it holds baby food jars filled with crayons and paint brushes!

Ta-da! Audrey's Crayon Caddy! Simple as that! It's pretty decorative too! (No worries! Audrey will not be carrying this around anywhere! It stays put on our craft table in the first!)

Have a Blessed day!