Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crayon Caddy

I'm in the process of creating a craft space in our basement. My goal is to have a designated place for coloring, painting, jewelry making, playing with play-doh, etc. I want to have things easily accessible so Audrey can hop up at the table and start creating without having to take 10 minutes to hunt down everything she will need.

My first step in this process was to think of a way to coral all her crayons and paint brushes. My solution? Remember this cool dish I picked up at a yard sale and spray painted?

It originally lived in our kitchen...

...but now it holds baby food jars filled with crayons and paint brushes!

Ta-da! Audrey's Crayon Caddy! Simple as that! It's pretty decorative too! (No worries! Audrey will not be carrying this around anywhere! It stays put on our craft table in the first!)

Have a Blessed day!

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