Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bathroom update & a rug switcharoo

Things are a little crazy here today. We are officially underway with our bathroom makeover! Before I update on that I want to share another rug switch.

I have a major love for rugs. I'm not sure why, I just always have. I like to use rugs to define a space like this little sitting area in our kitchen.

Rugs seem to cozy everything right up. The problem with this rug was that it was a little to big for the space, and it didn't add much color. I love a neutral backdrop with pops of color through accessories. This rug really wasn't doing the job. Down to the basement it went, and now in it's place is this one:

I bought this wool rug years ago from TJ Maxx, and had it stored away. It is now being put to good use and pepping up our little sitting area! A simple change with a big impact.

Now on to our bathroom makeover. When we first bought our house four years ago, the bathroom looked like this:

Yes, it was pretty bad.
We replaced the bathtub, laid new flooring, cleaned cleaned cleaned, and painted everything.
After all that the bathroom was looking more like this:

Definitely an improvement and something we could live with until we could do further updates.

But then we had a LEAK!!!! Apparently the sink had been leaking for a while, but we just discovered it.

And now our bathroom looks like this:


So, our bathroom makeover is beginning a little sooner than we had planned. Today the crew will be back over to continue working on our mess of a room. I will keep you posted on our progress!

Have a Blessed day!

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