Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Burlap lotion bottle cover

We are still moving along with our bathroom make over. Now I am focusing on all the little details in the room.

I like to keep a bottle of lotion on the counter in the bathroom, but I have to say it's not always the best visual accessory.  So, I decided to think of a way to spruce up any regular plastic bottle of lotion.

I started with this:

I folded a piece of burlap in half and cut it to fit around the bottle. Using hot glue, I glued the burlap together to create a sleeve. Be careful not to glue the burlap directly onto the bottle so that the sleeve can easily be removed.

Next, I glued pieces of rope around the top and bottom of the sleeve, again making sure not to glue directly onto the bottle.

There you have it. My custom burlap lotion bottle cover. It sure does look a lot nicer than the original bottle sitting there.

When the bottle is empty and I need to replace it, I can simply slip off the cover and place it on a new bottle.

Easy Peasy!

Have a Blessed day!


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