Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Organizing under the kitchen sink

I'm on a mission to get things organized around here and create more function in each and every room. I decided the kitchen would be a good place to start since that's where the majority of our time is spent. Whether we are cooking, eating, hanging out with each other, or visiting with family or friends who may drop by, everything seems to happen in the kitchen.

I decided it's best to accomplish my organizing goals by starting small, and focusing on one small project at a time.

There is no hiding it, our kitchen cabinets are OLD! I have painted and spruced up the outside of them, but inside the cabinet doors can get a little scary!

For example, underneath our kitchen sink.

Check out the paneling! No, I didn't paint all of that, although by the looks of this picture it seems I should. In person, you really cannot see that far back into the cabinet, so I'm not going to worry about that. This project is more about function.

I did paint the bottom of the cabinet the same color as the lower cabinets, but still the wooden surface made cleaning difficult; not a wipe-able surface!

We had a piece of vinyl flooring left over from our recent bathroom makeover. I decided it would make a nice durable shelf liner. I measured and cut the piece to fit, and put it in place.

The vinyl is designed to lay in place without being glued down. It is so much nicer than dealing with sticky shelf liner that wrinkles up, plus it's extra durable and easy to keep clean. That's a plus for me since we keep our garbage can under here.

I chose to keep things simple when filling the cabinet back up. Only the things I use in this area were put back. Our garbage can, and a basket with sponges, stove top cleaner, dish washer tablets, extra garbage bags, and steel wool soap pads. Those soap pads are great at getting a stainless steel sink sparkly clean! The rest of my cleaning supplies are stored in our laundry room.

So that's one of many small organizing projects I have in store. Today I am putting the final touches on our bathroom makeover, and organizing the closet in there. I hope to share that with you tomorrow.

Have a BLESSED day!


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