Monday, June 3, 2013

Laundry Room and Cleaning Storage Progress

Recently Jen at the blog IHeartOrganizing (which is one of my most absolute favorite blogs!) offered up a cleaning challenge for the month of May. It was just the motivation I needed to whip my laundry room and cleaning storage into shape!

Our laundry room is rather small, but it's a room I spend a large amount of time in. Not only does it serve as a place to do laundry, but it also holds all of my cleaning supplies. I like to coral all of my cleaning supplies in one room where I can easily shut the door to keep the little ones out.

I like to keep my laundry supplies right on top of the dryer in a basket. It makes it much easier to grab what I need when I'm ready to start laundry for the day.

I found a large jar with a lid to hold my dryer sheets and popped on a label to keep it looking organized.  I've found that the jar also keeps the dryer sheets nice and fresh.

The little blue cup holds any random things I may find while doing laundry such as coins, hair clips, etc.
The lamp cozies up the space and puts a smile on my face when I'm doing one of my least favorite chores around the house!

The two bins on the shelf hold all of my Swiffer supplies, extra laundry detergent, and extra dryer sheets.

When planning for our laundry room, I made sure we left enough space for a large laundry sink. I can't tell you how happy I am that we made that decision! I use it all the time! The cabinet underneath hold most of my cleaning supplies.

I placed the most used items toward the front, such as surface spray, glass cleaner, and wood cleaner. The less commonly used items, such as oven cleaner, bleach, etc. are stored in a basket toward the back of the cabinet. I decided to place all of my bathroom cleaning supplies in one basket that I can easily pick up and carry to the bathroom with me.

I keep it fully stocked and ready to go. The basket contains bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner, rags, a sponge, a magic eraser, paper towels (for cleaning the mirrors and faucets) and an empty grocery bag to line the bathroom trash can.

After the bathroom is clean, I re-stock the basket before putting it away. It makes it much easier and less time consuming to tackle cleaning the bathroom the next time around.

Aiming to make the most of a tiny space, I used the inside cabinet door surface for storage as well. My cleaning gloves hang on one side with a 3M Command Hook and a clip I found in my office supplies. The opposite cabinet door displays a cork board that holds random cleaning articles that have sparked my interest.

The most important part of my cleaning cabinet is the baby proof latch that I keep on the cabinet doors. Even though I try to keep the laundry room door closed, I still want to make sure it's safe when my little helpers are in there with me.

On the wall opposite to the washer and dryer I hung hooks to hold my broom, dust pan, Swiffer mop, and Swiffer duster. For major cleaning I use my steam mop, but for small messes I find that it's easier just to use my Swiffer.

I tied pieces of ribbon to them to allow for easy hanging.

Next up is the wall that holds my ironing board.

I found the holder at Walmart for around $7. My mason jar filled with clothes pins fits in perfectly and adds a decorative touch.

I found the "Keep Calm and Laundry On" sign at JoAnne's Fabrics a few months ago. Jen framed a stain removal sheet from Martha Stewart's website and placed it in her laundry room. I loved the idea so much, I just had to copy it.

I hung a basket on the wall to hold folded hand towels, so I can replace the one hanging by the sink quickly without having to go to the linen closet in the bathroom to find one.

Well that wraps up my laundry room progress as of now. I still have some decorative things I would like to do to make it prettier. :) But for now, I'm loving the new organization, and my new found motivation to get cleaning!!!

Source List:
Wall color: Glidden's Sandwhite (Satin finish)
Rug: TJ Maxx
Floating Shelf above washer and dryer: The Home Depot (I spray painted it gray)
Two bins on floating shelf: Lowes
Sink and cabinet combo: Lowes
Cabinet hardware: Lowes
Wicker mirror above sink: Given to me from a family member
Keep Calm and Laundry On sign: JoAnne's Fabrics
Framed stain removal sheet: Printed from
Basket on the wall: Dollar General
Towels in the basket: The gray one is from TJ Maxx. The yellow one is from JC Penny
Ironing board holder: Walmart
Ironing board cover: Given to me by a friend as a gift
Lamp base: Walmart
Lamp shade: Target
Glass jar with lid: Walmart
Hooks holding broom, etc.: Lowes
White wooden "O": JoAnne's Fabrics
Hamper: Target
Broom, swiffer, swiffer duster: Target
Basket holding bathroom cleaning supplies: Target
Method cleaning supplies: Target

Have a BLESSED day!

UPDATE! I finally got a new camera, so I went ahead and captured a couple of new pictures of this space. A few things have been switched around.

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