Thursday, June 13, 2013

Updating our living room curtains with ribbon

The curtains in our living room started out as simple white curtain panels that I bought at Target a while back. There are two panels in a pack for $17.99!

A couple of years ago when I purchased them, I cut off the bottom of each panel, added a piece of linen fabric, and then sewed the bottom back on to make them long enough.

And that is how they stayed until yesterday.

In a recent issue of HGTV magazine, I read an article about updating simple curtains with ribbon, and I decided that's exactly what my tired living room panels needed.

Over the weekend while at Walmart I grabbed these supplies:

~Ribbon of various widths
~Fabri-Tac fabric glue (The magazine recommended this one) It is completely machine washable (it says, we will see!)

I took down one curtain panel at a time, layed it across the floor, and began cutting and gluing!

I found it was easier to squirt a small stream of glue along the curtain itself, and then apply the ribbon.

As for the edges I just wrapped them around the back and attached them with a small dot of the glue. No one can see the back of the curtains anyway.

It took me half a day to finish them. I did one in the morning before the kids woke up, and the others I completed during nap time. 

Easy Peasy project that makes a big impact on our space!

Have a BLESSED day!


  1. I'm loving this idea!!! It made a huge difference in the wow factor!

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  3. Hello friends, these curtains look and feel very modern and luxurious. They really add style to our bedroom, living room, windows, and home d├ęcor.