Thursday, August 15, 2013

Audrey's homework zone

 Audrey's room has gone through quite a few changes since I last shared it here. A few months ago she decided it was time to decorate her room her way, just the way she wanted it, so I said sure! I was excited that she expressed an interest in making her space her own at only 5 years old!

Today I want to share her little desk space. My sweet girl started Kindergarten yesterday, and did you know Kindergarten students now have homework? What!? I wanted to create a space just for her so she can work away in peace and quiet without distractions from little brother. 

 I'm sure you noticed right away the new wall color, isn't it fun?! She picked it out all by herself.

The desk is from Target. They are on sale this week for $39. Everything else in this zone we already had, so that's all the money we spent! The desk is a little large, but I figure she will grow into it. Hopefully we will get a few years out of it! She has already tried out her new space, and she is able to sit comfortably, even though she is little bitty. We usually place a pillow in the chair for her to sit on.

I tried to keep the items on the desk simple. Only displaying what she will actually need to complete her homework. The little tin containers are from Target's dollar aisle a while back. They were too cute to pass up, I knew I would need them somewhere eventually. The little frame has her favorite picture of her with her pre-school friends. That has been one of hardest things about her moving to big school...leaving her friends :( 

This is my first time ever using Washi tape. I can see how people become hooked on it! It's awesome! I used it to label the little tins.

I also used it to make the clothes pins pretty that I used to hang her artwork.

That's just a piece of burlap stuck to the wall with push pins. 

My grandmother gave me the chair. I used an "oops" sample can of bright pink mixed with a little sand white paint left from my kitchen, to tone it down some. I still need to seal it with something.

When I mix paint myself, I store what is left in a mason jar. It makes it easily accessible for touch-ups later on.

And that's it! Audrey's homework area! Now my big girl is ready to tackle her first year in school!


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Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Burlap Mirror Border

As promised I'm back to share a few details on the burlap border mirror in my master bedroom.

You can catch a glimpse of it in this picture I shared just the other day.

This mirror was given to me by my grandmother a few years ago. She had it hanging in her bathroom for as long as I could remember, so when she re-decorated, she sent it my way!  It was originally brown, but I gave it a quick coat of white spray paint.

The burlap border idea came about when I noticed a discolored place on the mirror close to one of the edges. I began thinking of a way to conceal it because I really wanted to use this mirror in my house!

I began by cutting small strips of burlap material. (I didn't measure anything, I just followed my cutting guide)

I then began creating a ruffled border using small dots of hot glue to attach the material to the mirror.

This project seemed to get messier and messier as I continued, with little pieces of burlap flying everywhere. I was beginning to think maybe this was a bad idea, but I continued on.

I'm glad I did! Once I completed the border, I cleaned the glass and popped it right on the wall, and it was just fine. The original flaw on the mirror turned out to be a good thing after all.

Oh, and I also wanted to give an update on our new playroom space. The kid's are really enjoying their new room, and I love how it somehow flows with the rest of our house, like it's always been there. It's definitely one of the most used areas of our home now.

Here's proof that the dining room turned playroom was a success!

Have a BLESSED weekend!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Our Master Bedroom

Today I'm sharing the progress of our master bedroom. The only thing master about it is that it has a larger closet then the other two bedrooms in our house. My daughter's room is actually a little larger.

Let's back up a little, here is a before shot of this room when we bought our house:

Okay, carrying on! As usual the shell of the room is pretty neutral. I'm always drawn to neutral colors, but I didn't want to create a boring room. Pops of yellow liven it up, but preserve the calmness of the space. Our bed was a wedding gift from my husband's grandparents. We will treasure it forever.

My mother-in-law gave me her old set of dining chairs. I love getting her hand me downs! I gave them each a unique makeover and they now live in different rooms of our house.  Two of them are in my salon, the other I use as my desk chair. 

We recently added a T.V. to our room. I haven't found just the right furniture piece to set it on yet, so I'm just using something I already had for now. It's such a tight space, but hopefully the right thing will come along soon.

Our closet doors are OLD and really need to be replaced. To hold me over I painted stripes on them using the left over wall paint.

Above our bed I created a gallery wall. The two yellow photo mats were originally white. I painted them with a sample container of paint from Lowe's. I really need to update a few of the pictures. There are no pictures on this wall of my little guy! Isn't that always what happens with the second child! Poor fella!

My husband's side of the room is all decorated in his racing stuff. Trophies, pictures, etc. His trophy collection was outgrowing our small shelf in the living room, so we had to move them. He is pretty awesome.

On my side is the dresser I made over recently. I use it as a night stand too. The mirror above it is a little large. Hopefully I will find one that fits a little better. I just kind of wait for things like that to find me. It happens eventually.

Egg crates make the best jewelry holders. I've seen this on so many blogs. 

I created a burlap border around an oval mirror my grandmother gave me. I'll have to share a tutorial on that project soon.

Thanks for checking out my space! 

Here is a source list:
White frames: Target
Brown frames: Walmart
Textured frame: Walmart
Bedding: T.J. Maxx
Brown throw pillow: Walmart
Yellow throw pillow: Target
Curtain panels: Target
Curtain rod: Lowe's
Light fixture: Lowe's
Large mirror: my mom gave me and I painted it white
Oval mirror: my grandmother gave me and I painted it white too
Children are Blessings frame: A gift (I think it's from T.J. Maxx)
T.V. stand: Target
Basket in T.V. stand: Target
Lamp on dresser: T.J. Maxx
Egg crate: World Market
Trophies: Earned through lots of hard work and pure talent by my fabulous husband.
If I'm forgetting something feel free to ask me!

Have a BLESSED weekend!

P.S. I just have to share something personal today. My little girl is starting Kindergarten in two weeks, and has just wrapped up pre-school. I couldn't be more proud of her, but this is a very emotional time for this mama!