Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Burlap Mirror Border

As promised I'm back to share a few details on the burlap border mirror in my master bedroom.

You can catch a glimpse of it in this picture I shared just the other day.

This mirror was given to me by my grandmother a few years ago. She had it hanging in her bathroom for as long as I could remember, so when she re-decorated, she sent it my way!  It was originally brown, but I gave it a quick coat of white spray paint.

The burlap border idea came about when I noticed a discolored place on the mirror close to one of the edges. I began thinking of a way to conceal it because I really wanted to use this mirror in my house!

I began by cutting small strips of burlap material. (I didn't measure anything, I just followed my cutting guide)

I then began creating a ruffled border using small dots of hot glue to attach the material to the mirror.

This project seemed to get messier and messier as I continued, with little pieces of burlap flying everywhere. I was beginning to think maybe this was a bad idea, but I continued on.

I'm glad I did! Once I completed the border, I cleaned the glass and popped it right on the wall, and it was just fine. The original flaw on the mirror turned out to be a good thing after all.

Oh, and I also wanted to give an update on our new playroom space. The kid's are really enjoying their new room, and I love how it somehow flows with the rest of our house, like it's always been there. It's definitely one of the most used areas of our home now.

Here's proof that the dining room turned playroom was a success!

Have a BLESSED weekend!

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