Friday, September 27, 2013

Audrey's Closet Makeover

Hello again! I've been away from blogging for a little while due to a lovely stomach virus that decided to pay our house a visit.  We are all on the mends now, and I finally got around to finishing up Audrey's closet just this morning.

In my last post I left you with this image:

We have certainly come a long way since that! Now for all the details of this newly organized space!

The first step in this overwhelming organization project was to think of a plan. My plan was pretty simple. I wanted to eliminate the second shelf, move the bar up, and put in a second bar to create double the hanging space. So we did just that!

The first thing I did was clear out everything that was not a clothing related item (which was several things as you can see).

All of that stuff had to be moved to another location to be stored. Most of it ended up in our basement play space. Our new rule for this closet is that it will hold clothing and shoes only!

Next, I went through all of her clothing and donated anything that no longer fit her, and tossed out most of the plastic hangers that came from retail stores.

My husband removed the second shelf and moved the bar up while I sorted through all the clothing.

After this was done it was time to fill it back up! I already had one of those bars that you simply hang up. So that was easy!

The bottom bar holds her tops and a few skirts. I organized them by color.

The top bar holds her jackets, dresses, and anything that came as a set. As I was sorting through all the hangers I decided to keep the pant hangers that look like this:

I also purchased these things from Walmart to hang other pants and skirts:

I tried to keep the hangers cohesive as best as I could. We already had a pack of the pink hangers so I chose to use those to hang her dresses.

The little splash of green you see on the shelf is just a piece of washi tape. It spruces up the shelf a bit without having to do any major painting.

The top shelf holds 3 bins. One for keepsakes, one for her dance wear, and one for extra bags and totes.

I made the labels using this method and things I already had on hand like ribbon and washi tape.

The bin on the floor holds her travel bags. We keep a little back pack filled with coloring supplies and games so when we travel we can just grab it and go.

So that sums up Audrey's closet makeover! I'm hoping it will stay this organized, but who am I kidding!? I'm sure it won't stay exactly this nice and neat, but hopefully with our new systems in place, it will make things a little easier.

Here is the before and after:



Have a BLESSED day!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick kitchen lighting solution

I love our cozy little kitchen. Sure, the cabinets are older, and the appliances are a little mis matched, but I've grown to love our kitchen. It's uniquely ours, and it makes me happy. 

I love the look of under cabinet lighting. It looks so cozy and elegant at night, and could be really practical too. I've always thought it would be way to much work to even attempt such a thing with cabinets we plan to replace in the future anyways.

Well, until I discovered these:

My mother in law recently did a complete kitchen remodel. When I walked into her kitchen one evening I was drawn to the warm and elegant feeling of the under cabinet lighting. It was the first time I had ever really seen this in person. I asked her about it and she surprisingly told me they were just stick on battery operated lights from Lowes. I would have never guessed that!

This was totally do-able! Especially at just a little over 12 dollars for a pack of 3 lights. Batteries included!

Off to Lowes I went to grab some of my own, and so far they are working out great!

I was a little concerned that they may not stick as well as they should. I keep waiting to walk in one day and see them laying on the counter top, but so far so good and it's been about 2 weeks.

This quick little project completely transformed the look and feel of our kitchen at night! I only wish I had known about this sooner!

Have you guys ever tried these lights? If so did you have success with them? I would love to hear about it!

Have a BLESSED day!

P.S. Here is a scary sneak peak at my current project I am working on. Wish me luck! I hope to have a full before and after post ready by the end of the week!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Home Tour: Living Room Part 1

Our Living Room is still a work in progress, much like the rest of our house, but I wanted to go ahead and share a few pictures of the space. I realized recently that I don't have many pictures on here of our living room, and we spend a lot of time in here so it's about time I share it.

Today I'm only sharing half of this space. That's because in order to make this area photo ready I had to shove all the the misplaced things to the other side of the room! :) There is never a moment when my entire home is clean and organized. That's pretty much impossible when you actually live in your home and you have two small children.  I used to stress out about it, silly I know, but these days I'm learning to enjoy it. These are the days I will look back on and miss the most, and I really know that now.  

I created a gallery wall of family photos and hung a sunburst mirror right in the middle of it to add a little interest. Most of the frames and the mirror are from Target. Every thing is pretty neutral in here with the exception of a few fun pillows and other accessories sitting around. The pillows are from Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Roses, and Walmart.

The book shelf once held racing trophies, but the collection is growing, so we had to find them another home in our master bedroom. Now it holds books, accessories, magazines, toys, and more! It's our everything shelf. 

This is my little corner where I curl up and read, so I had to add a lamp. This one I bought at TJ Maxx a few years ago. I love that place!

That sums up part one of our living room tour. Definitely an improvement from over 4 years ago when we bought our house.



Oh and we didn't replace the paneling. We actually just filled in the seams with a putty called Vinyl Spackling. Then we sanded the walls with a sponge block, and painted. The paint color is Newsworthy Neutral by Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart.  It's the perfect blend of beige and gray. Now our living room looks and feels as good as new!

 I will be back soon to share the other side! 

Have a BLESSED day!

P.S. The framed blue paper sitting on the bookcase is a racing poem written by my grandfather. It's to good not to share. I think even if you are not a race fan, you can appreciate it.

The Racer's Fear
As I wait to go out on the track
good and bad things in my mind keep coming back.
Along with some anticipation, maybe even fear.
Oh no it's not for life or limb I fear,
but will that engine stay together?
Did I choose the right gear?
Now it's time to go out and do the thing I love,
and when the green flag drops, I will forget all the above.
By: Pappy Bare

Update: Since this post I switched out the rug and changed a few of the pillows around. Click here to read all about it.

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