Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's FALL!

I finally got around to doing a little Fall decorating around here. This is my absolute favorite time of year. I love everything about Fall! The colors, the smells, the cool crisp air. I also love all of the scented candles and air fresheners that hit the stores this time of year. Pumpkin spice, Cinnamon, Cedar, Warm Vanilla, oh my! Those scents make my home feel so warm, cozy, and welcoming. 

   This year I decided to add a few pops of gold to my Fall decor. I purchased a couple of white flower pots from Target on clearance for around $2.88 each, and planted yellow mums in each one.

I only paid $2.50 each for the mums from Lowe's. I thought that was a great deal. I'm guessing they were cheap because they had not yet bloomed? I'm not really sure, but I was thinking mums would be more expensive then that. I'm certainly not complaining though!

I wanted to spruce them up a bit, so I decided a few metallic gold polka dots may be nice.

I used spray paint from Lowe's and a paint brush to freehand random polka dots all around each pot. I still haven't sealed them yet, but some clear gloss spray should do the trick.

I sprayed the paint onto a paper plate so that I could brush the paint on. I had to work super fast because the paint dried so quickly. They turned out a-okay. Definitely not perfect, but I wasn't going for that anyways.

Below you can see how my mums have finally bloomed and how the pots jazz up the front entrance.

This year I made a couple of wreaths for the first time. The first one (pictured above) is my version of a fall wreath. I like the simple look, so I didn't go with any brightly colored flowers this time.

I wrapped burlap ribbon around the side and secured it with hot glue. I made the little burlap and fabric flowers, then glued them on with hot glue as well. I will share a tutorial on those flowers soon.  The "O" is a wooden letter I picked up at Walmart and spray painted with the same metallic gold spray paint as I used for  the polka dots.

Here is another view of the outside of our house. You can see I've made a little more progress on the side since this post. I found the giant wreath at Michael's.

Now, for the back entrance. This is the door on our carport that we use to enter and exit our house daily.

More yellow mums, and another DIY wreath cozy up this entrance as well.

I made this wreath the same way except this time I wrapped the "O" in fabric and secured it with hot glue.

I hung hooks on the outside of our house during the summer to hang the kid's pool towels up so they would always be handy, but since we have entered Fall I had to hang a few Fall like accessories in their place. I hand painted the wooden sign a while back and used burlap to hang it. The little lantern is another summer clearance find from Target.

The rest of our carport received a little Fall accessorizing as well.

My kid's can't wait to paint these pumpkins for Halloween! It will be here before we know it!


Have a BLESSED day!

P.S. Since I shared so many outside photos today, I thought it may be fun to take a look back at our house when we first bought it almost 5 years ago. When I start dreaming and wishing for things like a front porch, etc. I just look at this before picture and think about how far we have already come with this little place we call home, and then I find my contentment! But don't worry I still see a front porch in my future, I'm just not sure when!



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