Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Tractor Birthday Party for my sweet boy!

My little man turned 2 this past weekend and to celebrate we held a little party at our house. He is so shy so we kept things small with only a few close family members. I didn't want him to be totally overwhelmed!

The theme of this party was of course tractors! He loves them so very much. My husband and his family farm, so he takes our little guy with him for a ride every time he can. I love how those tractors make his face light up. Precious!

I temporarily removed the picture I had in the frame and replaced it with a computer printout that I made. I then decorated the frame matting with burlap ribbon and rick rack.

Using painter's tape allowed me to easily remove it all without damaging the matting.

I found that cute burlap ribbon at Walmart. I also picked up some that has a chevron print. I am going to attempt to make a giant bow with it for our Christmas tree this year.

As for the banner I just cut up a bunch of fabric and tied it to a piece of rope.

I secured it to the wall with those command hooks that are easily removable without damaging your walls.  They really do work well!

I attached several of my favorite photos of our little guy with all his various tractors to the banner.  I used clothes pins decorated in rick rack.

For the food I kept things simple. Ham rolls, mini pimento cheese sandwiches, chips, veggies and dip, and a cracker, cheese, and grape tray. Oh and the cake of course!

I made the cake myself. I am definitely not a baker, but it turned out okay! My attempt at creating an edible tractor failed majorly, so I popped a toy tractor on top of the cake and called it a day!

The kids and I made cookies the night before. I found a cute tractor cookie cutter on Ebay. 

Boy did they have fun creating their masterpieces!

And here he is now, the birthday boy! All dressed up in his personalized tractor shirt.

Cute as can be!

He got the ultimate gift! A tractor he can ride! He was one happy camper!

Thanks for visiting!

Have a BLESSED day!

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