Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Revamped Family Memo Station Part 1 - DIY Dry Erase Board

Last year I shared our family memo station where we keep all of our incoming and outgoing mail, keys, and a dry erase calendar. It's located right by our back door so it's easily accessible.

Yesterday I decided to whip up a new dry erase calendar DIY style.  I used a frame that I already had and a piece of wrapping paper from a roll I got in the Target dollar aisle.

I googled free calendar printable and found this one which I printed out on card stock. I then cut a smaller strip of card stock to use for writing the month. I taped it all together, popped it in the frame, and ba-bam! (can you tell we watch way to much Good Luck Charlie around here?)

It's so much more stylish and chic then our last one. Here is a view from a little further away. Notice I re-painted the walls too. :)

I decided to paint the walls a more neutral color this time around. I loved the soft blue, but since we turned this space into the kid's playroom there was just a little too much color overload! This room flows with the rest of our house much nicer now.  I will share more pics soon.

Here is a before shot of our family memo station,

and here it is as of now.

Much better! 

We are planning to add another coat rack (like we did here) to the lower portion of this wall so our little ones can reach it to hang up their own coats, hats, and book bags. Right now everything ends up in a big pile on the floor when we come home, so hopefully that will help. That will be Part 2.

Have a BLESSED day!

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