Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Tour 2014

This year I decided to keep our Christmas decor nice and simple.  I chose natural elements with plenty of texture and small touches of shimmer here and there.

I hung a simple wreath with a burlap bow between the two windows.  The NOEL banner was made using a piece of burlap ribbon and the NOEL letters I made last year.  I created the centerpiece using a large wood slice that my Dad cut for me as the base.  I then placed a basket filled with a vase of pine cones and a couple of votive holders in the center.  Our table gets a lot of use through out the day so I needed a centerpiece that was simple and didn't take up much space on the table.

I placed a little Christmas tree on the table in our foyer.  The base of the tree is wrapped in burlap.  The tree is decorated with white lights and little white silk flowers.  The flowers were Audrey's idea, and I think she did a great job! I would have never thought of that.

The banister is decorated with a simple garland that I made using twine, ornaments, and burlap bows.

I shared the details of our Christmas card display in a previous post, but here it is again!

I placed another little tree on one of the end tables in the living room.

We have two trees set up in our living room.  One is our Boyd's Bear tree filled with Boyd's Bear ornaments and handmade ornaments made by our children.  I added candy canes this year and the kids love it! As of now there are only a few candy canes left on the tree!

Our second tree is next to our fireplace.  It is decorated with rope garland, sparkly white ribbon, burlap bows, and plenty of white and silver ornaments.  Some of the lights went out near the top of the tree, but I was not about to spend forever tracking the bad ones down, so I just left it.  It's not so noticeable in person. 

I recently made the JOY letter wreaths out of card board and garland.  They add a festive touch to the fireplace!  We do not have our mantle yet, so this year I used command strips to hang the garland and our stockings.

So that wraps up our 2014 Christmas tour!  I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!

Have a BLESSED day!
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Card Display

Christmas is only a few short weeks away and that means Christmas cards will soon be headed our way! I absolutely love receiving Christmas cards in the mail from family and friends, especially the ones with photos!
Usually all the Christmas cards we receive end up propped up in various places throughout our house or taped up on a cabinet or door.  This year I decided to create a designated place to display all the cards we receive.

I chose to place our card display in our foyer.  We pass through this area of our house countless times each day.

I began by painting a large framed piece of art that I found in our attic.  It was the perfect size to fill up the small wall I had in mind for the display.  

First I painted the frame using the same white chalk paint I used recently to paint all of our living room tables.  I then distressed it with sand paper and gave it a quick coat of furniture wax.  Next I painted the glass with chalkboard paint.  Two thin coats was enough to cover the glass evenly.  After all the paint was dry I colored the entire chalkboard with chalk and then erased it with a dry cloth to give it more of a worn look.

I wrapped twine around the frame in a zigzag pattern and secured the twine on the back with tape.  The cards are pinned onto the twine with clothes pins which I decorated with small pieces of wrapping paper.

Right now the only cards on display are ours.  It's still a little early to be receiving Christmas cards, but I couldn't wait to try out the new display!  Speaking of our Christmas cards, I just received them in the mail yesterday and I couldn't be happier!  This year I ordered our cards from Tiny Prints, and they turned out beautiful!  The white pearl finish adds just a hint of shimmer!

I finished off the display by pinning up a few festive ornaments.

Below the display is my husband's antique knife chest.  I styled it with a scarf, a burlap pillow that I made with an ornament tied to the front, and a small wire basket filled with a few pretend gifts. The basket was actually a Target dollar aisle find!

The great thing about this card display is when Christmas is over I can take down the cards and twine and I will be left with a giant chalkboard that I can keep up year round.

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit! I'm spending this week getting our our house all decorated for Christmas, so I will be back soon with an update on my progress!

Have a BLESSED day!

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY Cow Silhouette Pillow

I was in a crafty mood the other day, so I decided to work on a project I've been wanting to do for quite a while.  Over the last few months I've been busy with bigger projects at our farmhouse, so it was nice to sit down and work on something like this.

I've been searching for new throw pillows for our farmhouse for quite sometime.  I would like to switch all of our current throw pillows out for ones that offer more of a farmhouse vintage look and feel. I'm finding that my style is starting to shift a little since we bought the farm. I've had our current pillows that are on our living room couch for about 6 years, so I think it's about time I change them up.  As a result of my search, I've been reminded of how expensive throw pillows are, and how much it would cost me to buy new ones to go throughout our entire house!  Since I'm all about using what I already have, I decided to start out by making my own.

I keep a tote filled with fabrics that I find at random places, so I already had everything I needed for this project.

To begin, I searched online for cow silhouettes.  After I found one that I liked I sketched it out by looking at the computer screen while I sketched on paper.  Usually I would enlarge the image and then just trace it, but this particular image would not enlarge, so I just had to draw it the best I could.

The next step is to cut out the stencil and pin it to the black fabric.

I used a white crayon to trace the cow image onto the fabric, and then I cut it out.

After I finished cutting out the image I flipped it over so the white crayon marks would be hidden.

I then sewed the cow image onto my second piece of fabric.  I used a sewing machine and just followed the edges, leaving enough of an edge for the fringe to show.

Next, I sewed the smaller piece of fabric onto the larger piece of fabric, and then I put the rest of the pillow together.

And that's it!  Now I'm eager to make more.  I'm planning to make pillow covers so I can use the pillows we currently have.  I'm still in the process of gathering inspiration for the rest, but for now I'm loving our new cow pillow!

Thanks so much for visiting!
Have a BLESSED day!
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Green is Gone!

About two months ago I began my biggest DIY painting project yet, the exterior of the farmhouse.  We have future plans of building a big front porch, replacing the windows and doors, adding shutters, and much more, but I just couldn't stand the green any longer!  To me it was worth it to go ahead and paint even though some things will be replaced a little later on.

 It took quite a while to complete because I did it by myself and I brushed it on.  I also painted all the windows which required taking each window apart.  It needs another coat, but I couldn't get it done before the cold weather came, so I will have to tackle that this Spring.

I chose a satin finish.  It looks perfect on all the trim, but the siding looks streaked.  I will definitely use flat paint when it comes time to do the second coat this Spring.  I probably could have saved myself from having to do a second coat if I had chosen flat in the beginning.  Oh well, now I know!

I have already started doing a little Christmas decorating!  I just couldn't resist!  I love this time of year!

It was definitely a lot of work, but painting this house made all the difference! It looks and feels so much better! And I saved nearly $4000 doing it myself. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a BLESSED day!