Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bye Bye Bookcase

For several years now we have had a bookcase in our living room. We started out using it to display my husband's racing trophies, well, until his collection outgrew the shelf! Later on it became our everything shelf, holding frames, photo boxes, toy baskets, and books.

Last week, while in the middle of my typical house cleaning routine, I decided I was ready for a change in this little corner of our living room. I decided to move out the bookshelf and put our TV stand in it's place. It's nice and tall so it fills up the space well, and it still serves as great storage since there are two large drawers in the unit. 

This TV stand was our very first grown up furniture purchase as a newly married couple.  It really is a beautiful, well-made piece.  I love the rustic feel.

Everything you see is stuff I already had around the house. I just moved things around a little. The mirror, which was originally white and hanging in our hallway, got a quick coat of black paint.

Audrey collected the shells on our last beach trip.  I put them in a jar and tied on a little piece of twine. I would like to make some kind of tag to tie on it stating the date of our trip.  These are the first sea shells she ever collected on her own, and I want to treasure them.

A couple of books, a lamp, and a few other accessories complete the look.

 I am working on a new furniture project for our new TV stand. I am going to use an antique dresser this time. I hope to share it with you very soon!

So what do you think? Do you like the changes? 

Have a Blessed Day!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Scenes & A New Basket

These last couple of weeks have been cold and snowy in our area. Not a lot of accumulative snow, but just enough to set the perfect Winter scene. I have been able to spend extra time with my kids due to snow days, and that has been a blessing. These snow days have given me a break away from work, projects, and my never ending to-do list, and allowed me to sit back and just enjoy these precious moments with my children. Sometimes I get so excited to plan ahead that I forget to savor the very moment I am in.  The to-do list can wait. I know it will always be there.

A couple of days ago I grabbed my camera to snap a few shots around our house. I think everything is so beautiful just as the snow begins to fall, and there is a dusting of white everywhere you look. I want to share a few of these images with you guys. So peaceful!

Once we were back inside the kids thought it would be a good idea to snuggle up in our new blanket basket. Somehow they got themselves in there all on their own. I recently snatched this basket up at Ross for only $12! I have to say these are definitely cute pictures! 

On a different note, my little guy recently had a bad fall, and it was very scary. You can see his poor eye and lip in the pictures. He sure is a trooper though! I think it was harder for me than him! Just one more reason for lots of extra cuddles! 

 Enjoy your Winter and your loved ones! 
Have a BLESSED day!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Kitchen Shelf Styling {Winter Edition}

After all the Christmas decorations were taken down everything around here just felt kind of empty, sort of like a blank slate. I really took this time to think about my 2014 goals for this little house of ours. One of those goals was to clean out every nook and cranny in this house and purge purge purge! I really want to live life more simply and part of that is getting rid of all the excess stuff we have lying around. I have successfully started this project! Since the beginning of January I have been sorting, cleaning, and donating lots stuff that we no longer need, and it feels so good!

I took time out a couple of weeks ago to re-style our kitchen shelves in the midst of all my purging madness! I couldn't stand to look at the bare shelves any longer. You may have caught a glimpse of them here

I used the top shelf to display my new cow picture as well as the painting that I once had in my dining area. The framed cow print was a T.J. Maxx clearance find a couple of months ago. My husband farms on the side, so we have plenty of cows around here keeping us company. This print just seemed very fitting, and I love the distressed frame.

The woven covered vase is another T.J. Maxx find. I have had it for a couple of years now. The flowers are from Michael's. I love these artificial hydrangeas! They are always bright and full and they never die! I'm sure most people think fake flowers are not very cool, but I love them! I still like to pick up the occasional discount grocery store bouquet, just for an extra pick-me-up now and then. I also love picking flowers from outside to fill vases around here in the Spring and Summer months. Oh Springtime please hurry!

On the right side of the top shelf is a bottle {another T.J. Maxx find}, some stacked blue glass cups from Ikea, and a small white bowl from World Market filled with corks for a little texture. I think the corks balance out the woven vase on the opposite side.

The lower shelf holds a few of our every day dishes, with the exception of the woven cups on the end. Those were Target finds last Summer and I tossed them in for a little warmth and texture.

The blue dishes are from the T.J. Maxx clearance aisle, and the clear glasses are from a local discount store in our area.

 One last thing I want to share today is my new bottle for dish detergent. It's actually intended for cooking oil I think, but it makes the perfect dish soap bottle! Before, I was using various soap pumps, but they always got rusty over time, and this seems to be the perfect solution! So far so good!

I better get back to cleaning out and purging. I have almost worked my way through our entire basement! I hope to bring you an update soon with before and in progress pictures!

Have a BLESSED day!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

DIY Semi-Custom Curtains {A Tutorial}

I recently stumbled across some fabulous curtain panels at Walmart. The pattern was awesome and the colors were pretty great too! They were also inexpensive, which is always an added bonus! As I mentioned in my house related goals for 2014 post, I want to create a small office space somewhere on our main living level and out of the dingy basement!

I've decided to turn our former dining room/playroom into our new home office space. I did a lot of purging and rearranging in the kid's rooms over the Christmas break.  Now they have plenty of space for most of their toys in their rooms. We still have plenty of baskets and bins with toys throughout the house, so they don't have to keep everything in their rooms. In our new office space they will have their own area for crafting and creating as well, so it's not like I'm completely taking away their space!

Anyway, back to my curtain story. My new curtains, while lovely, were a little short for my liking since I like to hang them up a little higher.  For less than $14 per panel I just had to buy them, knowing I could tweak them to make them work.

My solution to my high-water curtains was to add a little fabric to make them longer. Surprisingly, this project didn't take that long at all.

I purchased 2 yards of cheap linen-like fabric and got to work.

Here is what I started out with. See? High-water curtains!
{Sorry for the blurry pic, weird lighting that day and I have not totally figured out my new camera}

{Step 1}
Lay the panel flat on the floor, and cut off the bottom. You can choose how far up the curtain you want to cut based on where you want the added fabric to go. I wanted mine to be closer to the bottom.

{Step 2}
Take the piece of curtain that you just cut off and use it as a guide to cut your fabric piece that you will be adding in. Remember to allow about 2 inches on each side so you can hem it.

{Step 3}
After you get your fabric cut it's time to turn the curtain so that the side you want to show is facing the side you want to show of the fabric. Always remember like sides to like sides when sewing things like this, and you can't mess up!

{Step 4}
Now, it's time to pin each side of the fabric piece so that it can be hemmed. Fold the sides in and use pins to secure. Use the curtain panel as your guide to get the correct width. sides to like sides.

{Step 5}
Now it's time to hem the sides. I like to run two seams down each side with the sewing machine.

like this:

{Step 6}
Now that you have both sides of the fabric piece hemmed to the correct width, it's time to sew your piece into the curtain panel. Begin by lining up your fabric piece with the piece of the curtain panel that you cut off, making sure they are facing each other. Like sides to like sides!
Then pin along the edges where you will sew the two pieces together.

{Step 7}
Sew the two pieces together, and then you will end up with this:

Repeat steps 6 and 7 again to attach this piece to the upper part of the curtain panel, then you are done!

I think they turned out pretty well and add a nice splash of sophistication! And, for less than $15 per panel they are a super cheap alternative to custom ones!

Oh I have to add that when I first hung them up they were a little too long. I'm not one for measuring which is bad I know. To fix this, I simply folded the top of the curtain to make it a little shorter and used the curtain clips to hold it in place. This way if I need them to be longer one day they can be.

Have a BLESSED day!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Color Change in the Master Bedroom

One of my house related goals for 2014 is to switch up the colors in our master bedroom.  I love the cheery yellow, but it's time for a change. There will not be any major changes, I'm mostly just switching up the accessories in this space. 

On several occasions my husband has mentioned that he liked when our room was blue. (Several years ago our walls were a pale blue color) While I am happy with our current neutral wall color, I decided I could implement a little blue with the accessories. He rarely ever makes comments about our house and the way it is decorated, he completely leaves that up to me, and I'm not complaining! But, whenever he does have an opinion or suggestion it makes me happy because it is a rare thing!

So, that's how I came up with our new Master Bedroom color scheme. Pretty much neutral with touches of blue.

To begin, I brainstormed what I could do with what I already had. I always like to do that before running out and buying new things.

I bought a roll of gift wrap from T.J. Maxx a few months ago. I loved it at first sight and snatched it up! I used it to create new frame matting for two of the frames on our gallery wall. I also took this time to update the photos.

It was easy to do. I used the frame insert as a guide to cut each piece of wrapping paper. 

Next I simply taped the photo to the paper and put it all together in the frame.

Then I decided to rearrange my bedside table/dresser. I brought out a blue vase that my grandmother gave me several years ago. I popped in an artificial flower for now until I can get some fresh ones!

Here is a look at how the vase and the new frames look together.

Now, I need to find/make/purchase:
Throw pillows
Maybe new bedding? Or add to what we already have
Art for walls

Have a BLESSED day!