Friday, January 10, 2014

Color Change in the Master Bedroom

One of my house related goals for 2014 is to switch up the colors in our master bedroom.  I love the cheery yellow, but it's time for a change. There will not be any major changes, I'm mostly just switching up the accessories in this space. 

On several occasions my husband has mentioned that he liked when our room was blue. (Several years ago our walls were a pale blue color) While I am happy with our current neutral wall color, I decided I could implement a little blue with the accessories. He rarely ever makes comments about our house and the way it is decorated, he completely leaves that up to me, and I'm not complaining! But, whenever he does have an opinion or suggestion it makes me happy because it is a rare thing!

So, that's how I came up with our new Master Bedroom color scheme. Pretty much neutral with touches of blue.

To begin, I brainstormed what I could do with what I already had. I always like to do that before running out and buying new things.

I bought a roll of gift wrap from T.J. Maxx a few months ago. I loved it at first sight and snatched it up! I used it to create new frame matting for two of the frames on our gallery wall. I also took this time to update the photos.

It was easy to do. I used the frame insert as a guide to cut each piece of wrapping paper. 

Next I simply taped the photo to the paper and put it all together in the frame.

Then I decided to rearrange my bedside table/dresser. I brought out a blue vase that my grandmother gave me several years ago. I popped in an artificial flower for now until I can get some fresh ones!

Here is a look at how the vase and the new frames look together.

Now, I need to find/make/purchase:
Throw pillows
Maybe new bedding? Or add to what we already have
Art for walls

Have a BLESSED day!

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