Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Scenes & A New Basket

These last couple of weeks have been cold and snowy in our area. Not a lot of accumulative snow, but just enough to set the perfect Winter scene. I have been able to spend extra time with my kids due to snow days, and that has been a blessing. These snow days have given me a break away from work, projects, and my never ending to-do list, and allowed me to sit back and just enjoy these precious moments with my children. Sometimes I get so excited to plan ahead that I forget to savor the very moment I am in.  The to-do list can wait. I know it will always be there.

A couple of days ago I grabbed my camera to snap a few shots around our house. I think everything is so beautiful just as the snow begins to fall, and there is a dusting of white everywhere you look. I want to share a few of these images with you guys. So peaceful!

Once we were back inside the kids thought it would be a good idea to snuggle up in our new blanket basket. Somehow they got themselves in there all on their own. I recently snatched this basket up at Ross for only $12! I have to say these are definitely cute pictures! 

On a different note, my little guy recently had a bad fall, and it was very scary. You can see his poor eye and lip in the pictures. He sure is a trooper though! I think it was harder for me than him! Just one more reason for lots of extra cuddles! 

 Enjoy your Winter and your loved ones! 
Have a BLESSED day!

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