Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pantry Organization

Hello everyone! I've been away from this little blog of mine for far too long! We have had so much going on, time has really slipped away it seems. I hope to have some really exciting news to share soon, but until then, here is my long awaited pantry reveal!

I'm calling this my real life pantry makeover because that's exactly what it is.  It may not be Pinterest worthy, but this is what works best for our family at this time in our lives.

I looked on Pinterest for months for pantry inspiration, and my there are some gorgeous pantries out there!  I could stare at them all day long! But the reality is, most of the pantries I was drooling over just wouldn't work in our home.  This pantry of ours gets a ton of daily use, so I aimed for organization to accommodate all the traffic it receives each and every day.

First of all, here is a shot of our pantry door.
(You can read about the chalkboard project here.)

And here is the inside all nice and organized.
The back is lined with contact paper I picked up at T.J. Maxx.

The top shelf holds all of our bulk items such as extra pasta, cake mixes, baking supplies, and extra condiments that have not yet been opened.

Below that shelf is where we keep all of our canned goods, peanut butter, Nutella, etc.  The three white baskets were purchased at Wal-Mart, and they hold our muffin mixes, various sides, honey, syrup, bread crumbs, and other items used in meal prep.

The next shelf down contains three fabric bins.  One is for bread, one is for snacks, and the other is for crackers.  I made hand written labels for each bin, so returning items back to the pantry is a breeze. 

The bottom shelf  is where we keep our cereal.  At first I had matching containers, but that just ended up being way more work than it was worth since we go through so much cereal and usually have several varieties.  Now, I just keep them in their original boxes. So much easier!  This shelf also holds snacks that are in easy reach for the kids.  This way they can grab a snack on their own when they want to.  I usually keep snacks like raisins, fruit snacks, fruit cups, etc.

Below is a labelled photo for a better idea of the layout.

I keep two bins on the floor.  One holds our new dog Gus' food and treats(I will introduce him soon!), and the other bin is where I keep my kid's lunch bags when they are not in use.

I also utilized the space on the door.  I hung up three small cork boards for hanging up recipes that I find.  This is also where I keep the school calendar and school lunch menu, so it's handy to glance at each day.  My mom made the little apron for Audrey.  She is a big helper in the kitchen!

I love my newly organized space! It's amazing how much better it feels to open that door! I may even start cooking a little more now! :)

Have a BLESSED day!

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