Thursday, June 12, 2014

Big Announcement! We're Moving!

I am so excited that I can finally spread the news that we are moving! It has been a super long process, but we finally closed on our dream home just last week.  It's actually an 80 acre farm with a 1960's farmhouse.

My husband grew up farming and we always said that one of these days we would love to have the opportunity to own our own farm.  We never imagined the opportunity would come so quickly, but it did and we couldn't feel more blessed.

I am looking forward to raising our kids on the farm and living more of a simple life.  Slowing down and living more simply has been a goal of mine for quite some time.  I may even try to grow my own garden one of these days, who knows!
The house on the farm was built in the 1960's, but the builder was able to save the original staircase from the house that sat in that very spot years and years ago.  This house has so much character and space! A part of me is a little overwhelmed at the thought of having such a large house to fix up and take care of.  I have always been drawn to smaller and more cozy spaces, but I am looking at this house as a new challenge for me, and I know my kids will absolutely love growing up here!

The new house is 3200 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  Definitely a lot larger than our current 1200 square feet home with only 1 bathroom.  It is also a major fixer upper! It has great bones and has been very well cared for, it's just a little on the dated side. 

Now on to the photos of our new home!
(I forgot to snap a photo of the exterior, but I will do that very soon.  It is also in major need of updating.)

Living Room

The living room is huge! It's 30 feet long! My favorite part is the fire place and the built ins.  It will definitely be a challenge to figure out how to arrange furniture in such a large space.


The kitchen is large too.  It has a large area for a dining set.  There is no formal dining room in this house, but that's okay, we are not really formal dining room people anyways.  I love the layout and the island. 

Laundry Room

The laundry room is another spacious room.  I love my current laundry room because it has a sink, so I am thrilled that this one has one as well. 

Sun room

This room looks like it used to be a porch.  We don't really need this extra space, so we have plans to turn it into a screened in porch instead of an enclosed room.  Plus since it is connected to the living room, we think a porch will let in much more light.  The living room is currently very dark.

Foyer/ downstairs hallway

Half bath

I love how this bathroom is tucked under the stairs. No wasted space in this house, which I love!

Bedroom 1 (master bedroom)

This is the down stairs bedroom.  I think it was intended to be the master since it has an attached bathroom, but it's the smallest bedroom in the house.  We will be using it as an office/trophy room.  We will be using one the bedrooms upstairs as our master so we can be closer to our kids while they are little.

Master Bathroom

Here is the bathroom attached to the bedroom pictured above. 

Upstairs hallway

I love the staircase!

Bedroom number 2

This will be Audrey's room.  The door you see above leads to a really cool attic space that we are planning to turn into a play room.  It's even finished! It just needs paint and flooring.  I will snap a photo of it to share soon.

Bedroom number 3

This bedroom will be our son Roby's room.  It is the exact same size as Audrey's room.

Bedroom number 4

This bedroom is the largest of all 4.  We will be using this as our master bedroom.

Upstairs bathroom

This bathroom is laid out pretty similar to the full bathroom downstairs except it's a lovely shade of yellow instead of mint green! (just kidding about the lovely part!)

I have much more to share.  I still need to take photos of the exterior, the finished attic, 2 car garage, etc.  I am looking forward to slowly making this house our home.  I know I have my work cut out for me, but I am choosing to focus on the journey rather than the destination.

As for our current house, we are planning to sell it.  We are still living in it until we can get a few projects done at the new place.

I have already painted both of the kid's rooms, and they have already started moving some of their things in.  I will share photos next week of our progress!

Have a BLESSED day!

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