Friday, June 20, 2014

Farmhouse Update

Happy Friday! I'm back to share an update on our farmhouse.  I've been painting so much lately that all the days seem to run together!  I have to admit at times I get a little overwhelmed with this house and all the work!

I am doing the painting all by myself, so it is taking me quite a while.  It has been two weeks since I started working, and I'm still working on the upstairs.  I had forgotten just how hard it is to paint wood paneling, but I love the look of it, especially for a farm house.  I know all this work will be worth it in the end.  Each day it is feeling more like home, and we can't wait to finally move in!

I chose to start with the upstairs and work my way down.  The kid's rooms were first on my list.  I wanted to get their rooms painted first so they could go ahead and start bringing some of their things in and have time to get used to their new spaces before we actually move in.  Plus, they are able to have a place to play while I work on the house.

Audrey's room was the first room I tackled.  Before it was a pinkish tan color.

Now it's a lovely shade of aqua blue that she actually picked out all by herself.  I chose to paint all the trim bright white, and leave the wooden doors and windows as they were to balance out the wooden banister in the hallway.  I'm really loving the way it is coming together.

(Valspar Sea Air)

Next up is Roby's room.  Before, it was very dark and gloomy.

Now, it is a cheery shade of green! There was a lot of furniture left in the house, so we are still sorting through and trying to decide what we want to keep.  I think this dresser goes really well with the house, and it is a super nice piece of furniture.  There is another one just like it in Audrey's room.

(Valspar Apple Slice)

Before our bedroom was an overwhelming shade of blue.

Now, it is a soft and soothing shade of gray.  I still need to take the carpet out. That's definitely not staying.

Now for the upstairs hallway.  Before, it was very dark and heavy feeling and had old stinky carpet.

Now it is nice and bright and clean!  We installed new hardwood flooring, and I painted everything.  I love how the banister stands out now, and how the wooden doors tie everything together.

I decided to paint the ceiling gray.  This is the first ceiling I have ever painted a color other than white, and so far I'm loving it! The wall color is Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams.

Here are a few more before and in progress pictures.




- Progress-
(Sherwin Williams Silver Strand)

I have to say I am super excited about the progress!  I am starting on the foyer next, so hopefully I will have photos to share next week.  I am looking forward to getting all this painting done so I can start decorating!

Have a BLESSED weekend!
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