Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Farmhouse - Outside

Good morning! I'm here to share an update on 
our farmhouse.  I realized that I have yet to share the exterior of the house, so I'm excited!  Maybe the reason I have not shared the exterior until now is because of the three giant trees that were hiding the entire front.

My Dad owns his own logging business, so he definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to trees.  He came over to cut these down for us which saved us a ton of money.  The trees were not only blocking the house, but they were also dangerous.  The photo below shows how the tree in the middle was leaning towards the house...scary.

The roots of the trees were also making their way closer and closer to our house's foundation, which was also scary.

Here is the view now that they are gone!

Like I said before, the outside of our farmhouse is pretty dated as well, but it is structurally sound and basically everything it needs is cosmetic.  It's nothing a great paint job can't fix.  On down the road we will need new windows and doors and I'd love to add on a large front porch, but for now we are just planning to paint it and spruce it up, much like we are doing to the inside.  The major renovations will come along later.

Here are some other views around outside.  Our to-do list is endless!

And here are some shots of the tree cutting in progress:

The kid's and I watched from afar as the trees were falling.  They loved it!

My Dad spent his entire day helping us and I am ever so thankful.  Before he left he helped me take down some of the cabinets in the kitchen.  After that I got a little carried away and began ripping out all kinds of stuff.  The fun part will be putting it all back together!

-Kitchen Before-

-Kitchen Progress?-

We tore down the cabinets and soffit above the island and the space was instantly lighter and brighter feeling.  We also took down the three small cabinets that were above the sink area.  We carried out all the old appliances, then I ripped off all the old back splash. 

I am amazed at how nice the cabinets are.  They are extremely heavy and high quality.  I'm hoping that with a nice paint job they will be good as new! Even in it's current state, I see lots of potential with this kitchen and I'm excited to get started.

Have a BLESSED day!

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