Friday, October 10, 2014

Antique TV Stand

 My goal while decorating our farmhouse is to create the perfect blend of old and new.  I want to incorporate plenty of vintage inspired and antique items through out the house and decorate in a way that's simple and timeless.  Our living room really needed a nice solid antique piece to mix in with all of our newer furnishings, so this dresser seemed to be the perfect thing to add.

You may recognize it from Audrey's last room.

There was so much furniture that came in our new house that  the previous owners left. I pretty much loved it all and wanted to use it, so we were left with several extra dressers.  

To whip it into shape I brought out my collection of paint samples.  It really is sad how many of these I have, this is only a few of them.  It takes me forever to pick out a paint color these days!  Anyway, they really are handy for small projects like this.

I began by choosing three shades of neutral paint and painting each drawer a different color.  Then I took the lighter color of the three and lightly brushed it over top of each painted drawer.  I then took a damp paper towel to lightly blend the colors together without completely getting rid of the brush strokes. For the lighter colored drawers I did the same thing except I went over them with the darker paint.


The last step was to give the dresser a distressed look by sanding the edges.  I finished everything off with a coat of clear furniture wax and some cute vintage inspired knobs I found at Lowe's.


As for styling it, there really isn't much going on yet.  At first I had our TV boxes in the floor underneath, but with all the cords and clutter it looked terrible, so I decided to just put them on top of the dresser. The tray underneath helps hide the power strip.  Not my favorite look, but it's working for now until I can think of something better.  

I found this fun runner at TJ Maxx to add a little texture and warmth.  Every space needs that!

So, there's one corner in the living room done, now if I could just get around to the rest of it!  It will all come together one of these days.

Have a BLESSED day!

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