Friday, October 3, 2014


I'm finally back! It has been one crazy summer and I am so ready to get back to this little blog of mine.  So much has happened since my last post.  We have finally made the move to our farmhouse and it's definitely starting to feel like home.  There are still boxes everywhere and projects to be done, but that's okay because we are here and we can now take our time getting settled in. 

One of my biggest concerns about moving to a new place was how well our kids would adjust to all the changes.  I have to say they have done amazing! They have been sleeping better here then they ever have before and they act as if we have been here forever.  Audrey is loving her new school and has already made several friends.  I thank God every day for blessing us with this beautiful place and making the transition so easy for them.

After we moved into the farmhouse, I had to do a few things to our previous home to get it ready to sell. I decided to re-paint most of the house to freshen it up along with a few other minor projects.  At first I was a little sad every time I thought about leaving the house we loved so much, but now that we are adjusting to life on the farm, our first house doesn't even feel like home anymore. It's funny how things work out.  My best friend is a realtor and she will be helping us sell our house.  She took some really awesome photos of the house from different view points so as soon as I get those I will share them!

I'll be posting later today about how a gave our lovely yellow bathroom a big makeover on a small budget! It doesn't even feel like the same space.  Here are a few before pictures of the room.

Have a BLESSED day!

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