Monday, November 3, 2014

An Awesome Discovery!

There are so many projects going on around the farmhouse that I don't even know where to start.  There is not one thing that is completely finished, just many many things in progress.  I guess that's why I struggle with keeping my blog updated.  I never know what to share.  Today I've decided to start sharing what I'm working on as I go along, even if it's not a finished project.  I am so excited to share my recent discovery in the farmhouse, the original white oak tongue and groove hardwood flooring! And the best part is that it's all throughout the first floor, even the kitchen!

We are still trying to figure out this house. Long ago there was an old farmhouse that sat in this very spot and then in the 1960's they built a new home, but saved a lot of the features from the original house.  We knew the staircase was one of those features, but we had no idea these beautiful floors were hiding underneath all the carpet and plywood. In fact we asked the sellers if there were hardwood floors underneath the carpet before we bought the farm and they said no.  We know these floors have to be original because these are not 1960's hardwood floors.

My dad has been helping me rip up all the old flooring, and let me tell you it is a job! They had no intentions of that plywood ever coming up when they nailed it down years ago!  As of now I am just working on the hallway/foyer.  My little man has a Birthday party coming up and I don't want the house to be too much of a disaster when we have guests.  Also, it is a very time consuming project so my approach is to do just a little at a time.  The good news is the floors are there, and if it takes me the next year to uncover them all, that's okay!

Here you can see a little spot where I cleaned off the dust and dirt.  We love the rustic character and we don't want them to have that super slick refinished look.  We are going to keep them as original and rustic as we can.  Just cleaning them will do wonders!

I just cannot express how excited I am about these floors. I've searched and searched for new flooring that would look similar to this and it just doesn't exist.  You can't buy this kind of character, and I am so thankful we found them hiding!

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