Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vintage Bench Makeover

My grandmother gave me this cute vintage bench recently and I couldn't wait to give it a makeover and put it in our farmhouse.  It's the perfect size and I love all the little details.

Here's where I started,

The first step was to take off the seat which was attached to the base with eight screws. Then I applied the first coat of chalk paint.  I used the same chalk paint I used for our living room tables.

Next I applied the second coat, then distressed the bench with sandpaper, and applied a coat of furniture wax.

While the wax was drying I got to work on the seat.

I found this piece of fabric in my fabric stash that I keep.  I always like to have fabric on hand for small projects like this.  I cut the piece to the correct size and then secured the fabric in place using tiny tack nails.  Ideally I would have used a staple gun, but I have yet to purchase one of my own.  These nails actually worked really well though!  When using nails for something like this, you just have to be sure they are short enough not to poke through the seat.  That could be bad!

As for the corners, I just folded the fabric in the same way you would wrap a gift with wrapping paper.  I was able to achieve the best look using that method.

After the seat was complete, I screwed it back in place and that was it!

I love giving new life to old pieces.  I'm pretty sure this is one of my favorite pieces of furniture now! 

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Office Update & DIY Magazine File Boxes

This morning I spent a little time working on our home office.  I styled the bookcases using items I already had, and added some much needed storage and organization to the space.

I found these cardboard magazine file boxes at Target in the dollar aisle a while back.

I gave them a couple of coats of chalkboard paint, and then attached these cute tags on each one.

Now these functional magazine file boxes tie in with the room much better.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of projects that involve chalkboard paint!

More to come!
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our Living Room

I've made quite a bit of progress in our living room since we moved into the farmhouse.  It's still pretty much furnished with things we already had from our previous home, but it's working out fine for now.  Ultimately this room could use a larger couch and maybe a larger chair somewhere, but for now I'm going to make what we already have work.  Either way the recliner will stay.  It's the one piece of furniture that I really really dislike, but my husband loves it of course, so I'll just keep working around it.

The walls are painted a soft beige/tan color.  I love this paint color because even though it's soft, it adds warmth to this large room.  Our living room is 30 feet long, so arranging furniture in here is still a challenge, but this layout seems to be working for us.  In the beginning I placed the couch in the middle of the room in an attempt to create two separate areas, but it felt closed in and choppy, so I decided to put the couch against a wall instead.  Now we have a nice open flow to this space, which I like much better. Neutral throw pillows combined with a couple of pops of color keep things interesting.  The pom pom throw completes the cozy look.

The giant gallery wall was one of the first decorating projects I completed here at our farmhouse.  It instantly pepped up this room.  I love the mix of frames and having my favorite photos on display where they can always be seen.

I've added a little more to the TV area since I shared my dresser makeover.  The sunburst mirror is something I've had for a long time, it's an old Target find.  I recently found the vintage crate at a local antique shop, and I hung new thermal curtains to keep out the cold.  Our windows are old and very drafty! Charming windows, but not so great during these cold months!

And since I'm chatting about our living room, I thought I'd share my DIY chalkboard again.  It's the same chalkboard I made for our Christmas card display.

The side of the room where our fireplace wall is still needs some work.  I'm still trying to figure out a good furniture set up.  Right now I'm leaning towards two matching comfy chairs and a big ottoman in the middle, so we will see.

This room has definitely come a long way, but I still have big plans for it!  A few things on my list include ripping up all the carpet to reveal the original hardwoods underneath, and adding something to the ceiling, maybe bead board or possibly beams.  I also hope to add two big sliding barn doors to the two doorways, as well as furnish the space near our fireplace.  Exciting projects to look forward to!

And now a look back at the before photos, that's always my favorite part!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Beginning of a Home Office

Happy Monday! I can't believe the weekend went by so fast!  I spent my weekend antique shopping with my mom and cleaning out and re-organizing all our kitchen cabinets, which was fun.  Little by little things are getting more organized and put together.  Anyways, today I want to share my progress in our home office.  It has a long way to go, but I promised I would share more in progress posts, so that's what I'm going to do.

We have never had the need for a home office until now, so I've never designed one.  It will definitely be trial and error until I find a set-up that works for us, and this is the beginning stages of that.  We have so much to keep up with now with our farm, rental properties, etc. so it was time for an office.  So far I've painted the walls (Valspar Academy Gray) and played around with furniture layouts.

Before I move on let's take a look back at what this space looked like when we first closed on the property.

It's amazing what a little paint can do!

I can't wait to organize and style these bookcases.  I have several inexpensive ideas to share soon on that. I wallpapered the backs of the bookcases with bead board wall paper and painted them a soft gray.  I'm still not sure what to do above the dresser, I'm still waiting on inspiration to strike.

The dresser was passed down to us from my husband's great grandmother and it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our entire house.

We use the roll top desk as a bill paying station.

I hung shelves on the wall to hold some of my husband's racing trophies.

I found this milking stool out in our barn and gave it a quick coat of stain to bring it back to life.  I love finding treasures like this on our property.

That's about it for now.  I'm looking forward to organizing and styling this space, adding wall decor, and maybe a rug.  I'm also looking forward to ripping up all that carpet to reveal the original hardwoods that are hiding underneath!

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Living Room and Foyer updates

Happy Saturday! We are finally getting back into the swing of our regular schedules, and I have finally finished packing up all the Christmas decorations.  I love the way our house feels after all the decorations are put away, it's like a blank slate!

This post is pretty random, I'm just sharing a few updates.  One of which is our front entry.  Once I took down our Christmas Card display I was left with a blank wall.  What better way to fill a blank space then with some functional and pretty hooks!

I found these at Target.  I love how the wood matches the woodwork in our house perfectly.  We use our front door quite a bit.  It's the door all our visitors use and it's also the door we use each morning when heading to the bus stop. Now everyone has a place to hang up their coats and bags. We no longer have to walk all the way to the back of the house to our back entry where I have another area with hooks on the wall.  I also added a new rug for a splash of much needed color.  This wool one is from TJ Maxx.

The chalkboard print was a free printable I found on Pinterest a while back.  I used wrapping paper as matting and the frame is a Goodwill find that I painted and distressed.  I looked back to try to find the source for the free printable and I can't find it anywhere.  If anyone recognizes it and knows the source please let me know so I can give the proper credit!

We lose gloves around here like crazy, so a basket hanging on the hooks to hold them was a must.  So far we haven't misplaced anymore gloves!

Here is a look back towards the front door. 

 Some already noticed in my Christmas tour that I decided to paint our hallway table white.  It really brightened up the space and I love the contrast of the white with all our woodwork.  The big rug is only there temporarily because we have had some very cold weather recently!  I didn't think things through when I started ripping up all that carpet.  There is no insulation under the floors so it gets cold! The rug helps a lot!  The rest of the carpet will stay until this summer when I can rip it out and then we can add the proper insulation underneath the house.

Here are a couple close up shots of the table.

Speaking of cold weather, I had to make a curtain update as well.  It turns out sheer white curtains are not the best at keeping out the cold when you have old drafty farmhouse windows!  I made a trip to Lowes and invested in some thermal curtains and double curtain rods.  The difference they make is amazing!  I still have to touch up the places on the wall where the previous rods once hung.

Another living room update is the chalkboard sign I made using the chalkboard from my Christmas card display.  I saw this verse displayed in the Gaines family home on Fixer Upper and thought it was beautiful.

That wraps up my completely random Saturday post, I hope you all have a lovely weekend with the ones you love most!

Have a BLESSED day!