Saturday, January 10, 2015

Living Room and Foyer updates

Happy Saturday! We are finally getting back into the swing of our regular schedules, and I have finally finished packing up all the Christmas decorations.  I love the way our house feels after all the decorations are put away, it's like a blank slate!

This post is pretty random, I'm just sharing a few updates.  One of which is our front entry.  Once I took down our Christmas Card display I was left with a blank wall.  What better way to fill a blank space then with some functional and pretty hooks!

I found these at Target.  I love how the wood matches the woodwork in our house perfectly.  We use our front door quite a bit.  It's the door all our visitors use and it's also the door we use each morning when heading to the bus stop. Now everyone has a place to hang up their coats and bags. We no longer have to walk all the way to the back of the house to our back entry where I have another area with hooks on the wall.  I also added a new rug for a splash of much needed color.  This wool one is from TJ Maxx.

The chalkboard print was a free printable I found on Pinterest a while back.  I used wrapping paper as matting and the frame is a Goodwill find that I painted and distressed.  I looked back to try to find the source for the free printable and I can't find it anywhere.  If anyone recognizes it and knows the source please let me know so I can give the proper credit!

We lose gloves around here like crazy, so a basket hanging on the hooks to hold them was a must.  So far we haven't misplaced anymore gloves!

Here is a look back towards the front door. 

 Some already noticed in my Christmas tour that I decided to paint our hallway table white.  It really brightened up the space and I love the contrast of the white with all our woodwork.  The big rug is only there temporarily because we have had some very cold weather recently!  I didn't think things through when I started ripping up all that carpet.  There is no insulation under the floors so it gets cold! The rug helps a lot!  The rest of the carpet will stay until this summer when I can rip it out and then we can add the proper insulation underneath the house.

Here are a couple close up shots of the table.

Speaking of cold weather, I had to make a curtain update as well.  It turns out sheer white curtains are not the best at keeping out the cold when you have old drafty farmhouse windows!  I made a trip to Lowes and invested in some thermal curtains and double curtain rods.  The difference they make is amazing!  I still have to touch up the places on the wall where the previous rods once hung.

Another living room update is the chalkboard sign I made using the chalkboard from my Christmas card display.  I saw this verse displayed in the Gaines family home on Fixer Upper and thought it was beautiful.

That wraps up my completely random Saturday post, I hope you all have a lovely weekend with the ones you love most!

Have a BLESSED day!

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