Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Cozy Space by the Fireplace

I've mentioned several times before how challenging it has been for me to arrange and decorate our living room.  We have lived in our farmhouse for about 6 months now, and so far I've rearranged this room about 5 times.  Our living room is 30 feet long! We love all the space we have, especially the kids, but it has been a struggle to make it feel cozy and inviting.

To help create zones throughout this large but narrow room I decided to put together a little sitting area by the fireplace.  Knowing I couldn't run out and purchase all new furniture for this space I decided to use what I already had.  We have had these 2 parsons chairs for several years.  We used them as dining chairs in our last house, but I had not been able to find them a home in our farmhouse, until now.

Before, the chairs had black legs that were almost laminate looking.  I sanded each chair leg down and then gave them a light coat of stain to give them a more rustic look.  I used Miniwax stain in Early American.

 I originally had plans to sew slip covers for them, but I decided I liked the contrast between the black and the rustic wood.  Plus, my kids snack in this spot every day, and I like that I can just quickly wipe these chairs down to clean them.

We used to use the white pedestal table as our coffee table, but it really fits this space much better. I found it at a yard sale back in the summer and gave it a makeover with chalk paint.

I found these blue jars at Target just yesterday in their One Spot aisle, and I love them!  I also scored the plaid throw on clearance for less than $6! The vase is an old carafe that my husband's grandmother gave me years ago.  Honestly this tray of stuff rarely sits here because my kid's like to use this space for snacking and coloring, I just needed a little something for the photos. :)  Anyways I'm pretty excited about the changes, and I think this proves that you don't have to spend a lot of money or run out and purchase brand new things.  A little paint and work goes a long way!

For fun let's take a look back at a before shot of this space.

And again at how it looks today.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

DIY Gray Distressed Farm Sign

Slowly but surely I'm adding a little decor to our upstairs bathroom.  A while back I shared how I spruced this room up without spending much money. Every single surface got a fresh coat of paint, including the counter top, sinks, and bathtub!  More recently I shared my DIY rustic barnwood shelves that I added to add some much needed storage and warmth to the space.  Today I'm going to share this cute farm sign I made.

In our last house I played around with the idea of making bead board panels to add to our kitchen cabinet doors.  We ended up experimenting by making one panel and then the project never really moved forward since we decided to purchase our farm.  So, I was left with one panel that I knew I could turn into something unique for our farmhouse.

The panel is simply a scrap piece of bead board framed out in inexpensive molding and I found the letters at Walmart in the craft section.

The first step was to paint the panel.  I did this by mixing gray craft paint (Pewter Gray) with a little white chalk paint (FolkArt Cottage White).  I painted each letter with white craft paint then allowed time for everything to dry.

Next it was time to distress!  I used a sanding sponge and just sanded everything until it looked the way I wanted.  I focused on sanding down the edges the most and the ridges in the bead board, then I lightly sanded over each letter to give them a more worn look.

To attach each letter to the panel I used my hot glue gun, and that was it! Fun farmhouse art for our bathroom without spending much money!  As for hanging the sign on our wall I used some left over sticky strips that came with a few 3M Command hooks I bought a while back. Worked like a charm! This space is really starting to feel cozy now.  I still have a few more projects left to do to finish it up which I hope to share with you soon!

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Farmhouse Chic Inspiration - 18 Projects & Ideas!

I recently joined the Hometalk community!  I wish I had joined much sooner because it is awesome!  It's sort of like Pinterest in that you can create boards, but the projects and ideas are all from the Hometalk community!  Anyone can join and upload their projects and ideas, you don't have to have a blog.  It's also great because you can join in on various discussions and chat with others that have the same interests as you!  I've already made several new friends just in the two weeks I've been there!  You can check out my profile here.

The lovely folks at Hometalk asked if I would like to put together a Farmhouse Chic inspiration board, and I couldn't be more excited since I love this kind of decor!  I had so much fun browsing all the projects and ideas on the site and honestly I could have clipped many more to my board and I probably will soon!  Click the photo below to see all the beautiful inspiration I've put together on this board!

I'm inspired everyday by so many talented people!  I hope you enjoy browsing through all the posts and I hope you join in on the Hometalk fun too!

Have a BLESSED day!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rustic Gray Washed Stenciled Crate

I was given this old crate a couple of years ago.  I used it in our previous laundry room for a while, but I never really did much to spruce it up.  I decided it needed a little makeover to better suit our farmhouse.

I didn't want to stray away from the worn wood look by painting it, so I opted for a gray washed finish instead.  I even like the water spots in the wood, so I didn't want to cover those up either.  This is the first time I've ever tried this, so I kept the technique pretty simple.

Basically it's just gray paint mixed with water.  The exact color is Ocean Storm by Valspar.  I poured the paint in a container first, then I added water to create a runny consistency as pictured above.

I used an old cloth to apply the mixture to the wood.  I ended up doing two coats to get the look I wanted.

To give the crate a personal touch for our home I added our last name to the front using stencils.  I think I got the entire pack of stencils at Walmart for less than $3.

I used black craft paint and simply rubbed the paint on with my finger to avoid harsh lines.  I wanted the letters to appear faded.

After I completed our name, I used sand paper to make the letters appear even more faded and worn.

And that's it!  Now it sits on our mirrored cabinet in our foyer.  I moved the white table I had here before into the living room.  I shared a couple of updated photos of that space on Instagram recently.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

DIY Rustic Bathroom Shelves

I discovered a gold mine the other day!  As I was in the barn scooping out feed for our calves, I glanced up and noticed a few boards sticking out from the loft.  I decided to venture up to the barn loft and see what all was up there.  I'm so glad I did because I found tons of old rustic wood and boards just begging to be turned into something lovely!

It was time for me to finally hang something on our bathroom walls, so as soon as I discovered these boards I knew just what project I wanted to tackle first.

The stain I used is Early American by Miniwax, and the shelving brackets are from Lowes.

I love how the design of the brackets leaves the perfect little hook to hang a towel.

I kept the accessories simple and mostly white.  I'm drawn more and more to neutral spaces with lots of white, so this just felt right for the space.

These shelves really add a lot of character and warmth to our bright bathroom.  

I'm excited to get started on the rest of the projects I have planned for all that reclaimed wood!  It's so special to incorporate these finds into our home decor!

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