Friday, April 22, 2016

5 simple ways to make your home feel Spring ready

Hey everyone! Our weather lately is really feeling like Spring, so I've been in the mood to add a little more of that Spring feeling to our home.  Each year I like to make a few changes around our home to make it feel a bit brighter and happier for Spring and Summer.  I thought I would share five of my budget friendly tips with you today.

Tip #1 - Open your windows!

When the weather is nice I love to open up all the windows in our house so that it can breathe!  The feeling of fresh air rolling through the house is so soothing to me.  I also love to hear the sounds of Spring coming through the windows, especially the birds!

Tip #2 - Switch to lighter & brighter curtains

Each Spring I like to switch out our heavier winter curtain panels for light weight white ones.  Our home is instantly flooded with tons of light and feels much more airy.  We have old drafty windows so we have to use heavy curtains in the winter.  As soon as the weather breaks, switching the curtains is one of the first things I tackle.  I like to add table runners that are lighter as well for a fresh look.  My favorite white curtain panels are the Vivian panels from Ikea.  They are very inexpensive and come in sets of 2.

Tip #3 - Add a Spring wreath to your front door

One of my favorite ways to decorate for a new season is to switch out my front door wreath decor.  To save money and storage space, I use the same exact grapevine wreath each time, and simply switch out the decor.  I tie everything on with twine instead of using glue so that everything can be re-used.  This Spring I decided to go with lavender, a faux hydrangea, and an "O" that was given to me as an Easter gift.  Everything except the lavender was purchased from Michael's.

Tip #4 - Add two matching potted plants or flowers by your front door

 This year I chose ferns because I had great success with them last year, which was a first for me!  They are a little sad looking right now because I just re-potted them, but they will pep back up in a day or two.  I love adding symmetry and a splash of color to our front entry.  The tone for the rest of the house is instantly set as soon as you walk onto our porch.  It's a nice way to be greeted when you come home or when you have guests. If ferns are not your thing, try an arrangement of colorful flowers!

Tip #5 - Bring the outdoors in

My final tip for today is to bring the outdoors in with a vase of fresh flowers.  In my dream world I would have fresh flower arrangements in every room of my house every day!  Something about a vase of fresh flowers always brings a smile to my face.  Sometimes I run across a pretty bundle of flowers at the grocery store that have been discounted, but usually I find something outside on the farm to put in a vase.  This week I pulled up some of the peas we planted to grow and bale for our cows.  Not exactly flowers, but I love the splash of green they add to our kitchen.  You could also clip a couple of small tree branches, think outside the box & get creative!

That wraps up my five simple ways to make your home feel a little more ready for Spring.  I love this time of year, and I love making our home a happy place to be!  Do you all make any decor changes to your home for the Spring and Summer seasons?  I'd love to hear about it!

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!  I hope you have a very blessed weekend!

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