Friday, April 1, 2016

Simple Decorating - Our Master Bedroom Progress

Happy Friday! I'm a little late posting today.  My daughter is having her friend over for a sleepover, and for some crazy reason I decided to completely clean out her closet today.  Not the best planning ever.  When I start a big project like cleaning out a closet I usually don't plan it.  I usually wait until it's driving me absolutely crazy and then I tackle it right then and there.  That moment happened today.  Then I had to clean my mess up and get everything back in place before they came home from school.  I made it! Barely! And now her closet is nice and neat. :)  If you follow me on Instagram you saw my mess!  Her closet was the last one on my list to clean out, so now I can breathe.

Anyway, last Friday I wrote about simplifying many areas in our life, and one of those areas is our home.  This is a journey I'm still on as I have completely changed my mindset on how I approach decorating.  Since I recently started decorating our master bedroom with this new mindset, I decided I would share my progress with you today.

My journey to simplifying our home began with de-cluttering our home.  I really thought our house was clutter free and pretty organized, but then I read Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo.  I learned pretty quickly that I still had a ways to go to achieve the level of simplicity I was aiming for, and she seemed to have all the secrets.  I loved the book!  I spent a large amount of time de-cluttering our entire house the way she explains how and I finally felt like our house was where I needed it to be so I could breath a little easier.  Fast forward to now, and I'm starting the journey all over again.  Our house slowly managed to get all cluttered up again within a year because we had not yet simplified our finances.  I was still spending and bringing more stuff into the house and little by little I ended up right where I started. I'll go into more detail about my de-cluttering process in another post.

Since I'm applying the Kon-Mari method to our home AGAIN, I'm only through step one, which is clothing.  Audrey's closet was the last clothing area to organize, and I finished it today!  

Now, back to the decorating.  Our Master bedroom was one of the rooms that kept getting put on the back burner, but once I had our closets and dressers all nice and neat I was motivated to continue working on the space. 

I'm really craving simple decor these days.  I once loved to browse magazines and look at all the beautifully styled images and attempt to create those looks for my own home. It didn't take me too long to realize that it just wasn't realistic and I was never able to maintain anything that I did.  I still want my home to look and feel pretty, just not so unlivable, does that make sense? 

These days I try to keep table tops mostly clear, and that makes me happy.  I opt out of elaborate table settings and centerpieces, excessive accessories, etc.  A simple lamp and a meaningful picture frame is all I need for my night stand.  The drawer holds a few books, a notepad and paper, & chap stick.

Simple white curtains and bedding keep everything feeling bright and fresh.  I change around the throw pillows every once in a while when I want a new look.  I like creating an overall house color scheme so I can switch throw pillows and accessories from room to room when I need a change without spending extra money.

I painted my dresser and nightstands with leftover paint from our exterior makeover.  Painting this furniture completely changed the feel of the entire room. I really really love painted furniture.  My dresser is probably the most cluttered up spot in our room, but it's happy clutter because it's all meaningful and it makes me smile, so it gets to stay!

No room makeover of mine is ever complete without a gallery wall!  Here's what I put together for this space.

That wraps up my progress so far.  I still have a few things to finish up, and I would like to eventually find matching lamps for our nightstands, but overall I love our room now!  It's my own little get away space.

You can see before photos of this room on our farmhouse home tour tab.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you have a blessed weekend!

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  1. This is such a relaxing bedroom! I love the shutters above the bed and all that beautiful brick!

  2. It looks so calm and relaxing. I love the colour scheme and the painted dresser is so lovely! :)

    1. Thanks so much Maja! I appreciate your kind comment! :)

  3. You have created the perfect haven - this room is lovely. I have reached the same point in my decor choices as you have, no more clutter, just clean and simple, yet pretty and pleasing to the eye. I have donated bins and bins of items used for creating vignettes and seasonal decor - they took up too much space in my home and decor. I no longer feel the need to decorate every tabletop and wall. I love my new uncluttered look - it soothes my mind and just feels so peaceful.

    1. Exactly! I couldn't agree more Lala! Thanks so much! Isn't it freeing?! Have a great weekend!

  4. All your rooms' paint colors flow perfectly! I am trying to read comments on the paint colors, but can't find what color you used for your bedroom and office? We just bought a house Friday and our house looks very similar to your before pictures, complete with wooden electric outlet covers and all!!! Thank you!

    1. Hi Dawn, thank you! Our bedroom paint color is Woodlawn Colonial Gray by Valspar. Our office has been so many different colors since I've used the room for many different purposes since we've been here. Are you talking about the navy color? Best of luck fixing up your new house! It's so much fun!