Saturday, May 14, 2016

Farmhouse Mantel

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while and I know it's not my regular posting day, which is usually Friday's.  I've been taking a little time away from social media.  Sometimes it's nice to step back and re-charge.  Things have been busy around the farm.  Hay season is in full swing, and we just got the cutest new Great Pyrenees puppies.  Bo and Dolly are here to protect our sheep and we are so excited to have them as part of our family.  They are only about 8 weeks old as of now and they are already so big!

We love them so much already, I mean how could you not!?

As soon as the weather is nice we spend most of our time outside.  I've been weeding flower beds, spreading fresh mulch, planting new plants and flowers, cleaning off our sidewalks, killing weeds, etc.  You know all the stuff you have to do outside to go from drab Winter to Spring fresh!

I do all our yard work like mowing and weed eating.  It keeps me busy for sure especially with all the fence rows we have around here so I haven't had as much time to work on projects around the house other than basic cleaning.

My husband mowed our Triticale this past week, and we had it wrapped.  We had never done this before but it was a really neat process to watch.  Apparently the wrapping allows the hay to ferment and release more nutrients which is better for our cows.  We love our cows. ;)

My mom recently surprised me with the coolest gift ever.  An antique mantel!  I was so thrilled and surprised and amazed that she found such a treasure!  I'm telling ya it matches the woodwork throughout our farmhouse perfectly and I love it!

I took some time on a rainy day to decorate it.  I made a curtain to fill the opening using an extra drop cloth and a piece of rope.  The mirror is one I used in our last house.  I painted and distressed it to match the rest of our living room.

The wooden "antiques" sign is one I made a while back when I was working on some things for my Etsy shop.  The rest of the accessories are from random places throughout our house, so I didn't spend a penny to create our new space!  I always say shop your house first!

Here are a couple of wider shots so you can see how our new mantel fits into our living room.  You can also see our floors where I ripped up all the carpet last year to uncover the original flooring!  They are old and full of flaws and character.  We installed a wood stove last winter to help heat our house, and I have to say I wasn't looking forward to the way it would look.  Now that it's here I've embraced it and I'm starting to like the cozy factor it adds to our farmhouse.

Oh and one last shot for those who wonder what my kids are doing while I work on a project.  On this particular day I was washing our couch covers, so they were putting on a concert for me while I worked. ;) They are the best!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!

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Have a BLESSED day!

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