Friday, June 17, 2016

Calm & Simple Farmhouse Guest Room

It's Friday and I'm back for another update on the farmhouse.  I've not done too much lately as far as house projects go, so I haven't really had anything new to share until today.  I decided this summer was going to be more laid back, so I've really enjoyed just being with my kids and making things fun for them.  I love having them home!  We've established our summer routine, complete with simple summer chore lists, reading goals, a character curriculum, and plenty of outside play.  We are also continuing gymnastics classes for the summer.  I'm learning that my kids really thrive when we have a schedule in place.  Everything goes so much smoother!  I can talk more in detail on all that if anyone is interested, just let me know!

My mom stays with us a lot in the summer.  Usually she will sleep in one of the kid's rooms, but that always turns into a big fuss because the kids argue over who gets to have Nan in their room.  The fussing usually leads to all 3 of them in one bed, and no one gets any sleep!  So, this summer I decided to turn our spare bedroom into a guest space, especially for Nan.

This room has been everything from a home office to a play room, neither of which seemed to be totally necessary.  I thought about making it our school room in case we ever decide to home school, but I feel sure we would always end up doing school work at the kitchen table, so a guest room seemed like the perfect use for this space.

As usual I shopped my house to gather everything I needed to create this space.  The only thing I purchased new was the shelf above the bed, and I bought a gallon of paint to freshen up the walls.


I'm sure you recognize most of the furniture.  I pulled furniture pieces from several different rooms.  The bed is my favorite.  It came with the house! I've been tempted to paint it a couple of times, but I just can't do it.  I love incorporating a wooden furniture piece in each room, so I'm thankful I didn't paint it last year when I contemplated it.

I chose simple white bedding for a fresh clean feel.  The duvet and cover is from IKEA from several years ago, and the vintage bedspread was a gift from my mom.  The throw pillows add a splash of color and interest. I've had these same pillows all over the house!  I love switching throw pillows around from room to room when I need a new look.

The dresser belonged to my husband's great grandmother.  We used this piece in our master bedroom in our last house, and then again in this room when it was our home office. 

I found an old ratty cork board out in our barn and covered it with burlap.  I created the border using simple thumb tacks.  The paper banner was a Target clearance purchase several months ago.

This bedroom has an attached bathroom which is a great plus for a guest room!  I've painted every single surface much like our bathroom upstairs.  It could use a full remodel, but for now this works just fine.


And lastly, here's a view to show you how this room ties in with the rest of the house.  It's located right off from our foyer.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Have a BLESSED day!

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