Thursday, July 7, 2016

Our Every Day Kitchen & Welcoming Others into your Home

 I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th! We enjoyed spending time with family who we don't get to see very often.  It's always nice when a holiday falls on a Monday and we get a 3 day weekend!  I've decided I'm going back to sporadic blog posts because I never know when I'll have the extra quiet time to post or when something comes to mind that I want to share.  To make it a little easier to keep up you can sign up to be on my email list and have my posts delivered straight to your inbox! Look on the sidebar for the box to enter your email if you're interested.

Recently my Pappy came over for his haircut.  As I was tidying up the kitchen and preparing for his arrival I thought it would be a great time to snap a few pictures of what I'm calling our every day kitchen (in it's tidied state), and share a little something that has been on my heart. I always have what most people call counter top clutter, but I like having the stuff I need out where I can get to it.  If you follow me on Instagram you know that my kitchen can get pretty chaotic.  It's like the grand central station in our house, always something going on.

Every few weeks my Pappy comes over for a visit and to get his haircut.  He brings his famous biscuits and we sit down and have coffee, biscuits, and wonderful conversation.  It's a special time I always look forward to and memories that I'll cherish forever.

We sit around the kitchen table and he tells me stories of when he was young and gives me wise advice.  He's always willing to listen and always seems to know exactly what to say.

When I know he's coming over I try to make our house feel extra welcoming. I make sure the kitchen is tidied up, swept, and peaceful.  I like to light a vanilla candle because that's his favorite scent.

Nine times out of ten the rest of the rooms in our house will be a disaster when he is here, but the kitchen, the room where we visit, is pretty tidy and happy, and that's all that matters.

One of the things I love most about creating a warm and welcoming home is sharing it with others.  Sometimes I get so caught up in thinking everything has to be perfect and spotless before I can do that, but I have to quickly stop myself and let go of my perfectionist ways.  I don't think God blessed us with this big house just for the 4 of us to enjoy.  I think He wants us to use our homes to minister to and love on others as well as our immediate families.  Our homes don't have to be perfect to do that.  In fact if things are too clean and perfect, your guests may not feel very comfortable, for fear of messing something up.  This I know from experience.

My Pappy couldn't care less that the rest of my house is typically a wreck when he's here. He isn't here to inspect the cleanliness and order of my house, he's here to enjoy our company.  I always feel such a sense of joy on those days, and that joy certainly doesn't come from a perfect house. 

 When someone is coming over tidy up the main areas, and forget about the rest. Don't let the fact that you can't even walk through your kid's bedrooms (me me me) keep you from opening up your home.  Do I need to address those areas and restore order? Yes! But I can still welcome others even though I may not be giving tours of the kid's rooms at the moment.

 I want to challenge you as well as myself to make a conscious effort to open your home up to others.  Maybe it's a friend you haven't visited with in a long time, a family who's new to your area, or even someone in your own family who you think you could be a blessing to just by having them over for a meal and conversation!  I'm really talking to myself here because this is something I don't do enough of, but it's so important. 

So will you join me in the challenge? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Have a BLESSED day!


  1. I will join you in this challenge. If we wait until our house is perfect we will never invite others over. Let's do this!!!

  2. Such a very meaningful yet light post, Leah (I'm new to your blog and so loving it). I smiled at the counter clutter~~~we aren't alone yet I still wonder about the secrets of those who keep their counters clean and almost bare.

    We do want to create a place where family and friends are welcome... candles and accessible plates, cups, etc., as you have in your basket are small touches that people DO notice! And they may go on to incorporate these ideas as well. It's doesn't hurt to have a clean home, but one that smells fresh and lightly scented, one that exudes comfort with pretty throws and soft pillows, one that says WELCOME with 'easy to get to' are a wonderful hostess.

    Thanks for your great ideas and seriously informative and entertaining blog!


    1. Hi Jane! thanks so much. I think those people just don't use their kitchens, they just decorate them, haha!

      I agree! I would love to have a sparkling clean home every single day, but it's just not possible right now with 2 little ones and a farm. It's clean enough though and I'm learning to be happy with that and not run myself in the ground any longer scrubbing and cleaning all the time!

      I've also learned that when people come to our home they don't notice our home's flaws nearly as much as I think, but they DO notice how they are treated and how welcomed they feel!

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  4. Hi Leah, been following your blog for a while now and I love your style and your down to earth approach! I noticed your bamboo blinds in these photos and am in the market for blinds for my home. Are you happy with yours? Are they affordable? And do they offer privacy? Thanks!

    1. Hey Megan! Thank you! I'm super happy with them. They are from Lowes and they were less than $20 each. Pretty affordable for blinds. They work well and allow plenty of light to still filter in. They do not offer much privacy though. The only thing outside our window is our cattle pastures so that's not an issue for us, but if you are looking for something to offer privacy these may not work as well for you. I found pull down shades for my mother-in-law's living room at Walmart. They offer a similar look but provide privacy as well. Hope that's helpful!

  5. Just found your blog. I love your wooden crate for holding paper plates. Was this a project you did?

    1. Hi Sharon! My mom gave me the crate. I think it was a yard sale find.