Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Living Room Changes

Long long ago I decided to pull up all the carpet in the living room to reveal the original wood floors in our farmhouse. I'm excited to share what our newly revamped living room looks like today as well as a few simple decor and organizing tips.

The process of ripping up the carpet and sub-flooring did a number on the walls, so I had to re-paint.  This time around I chose a pale gray to brighten the space.

I chose a vintage inspired patterned rug from Amazon, and then chose everything else to compliment the rug.  Since the rug is a little on the busy side, I went with simple solid white curtain panels.  They are the Vivian panels from Ikea and they're super affordable at 2 panels for $9.99.

I chose double curtain rods from Lowe's and hung insulated curtain panels behind the white panels to help keep our house a little warmer.  I hung the curtain rods close to the ceiling like I did in our last house.  This really helps make the space feel taller than it really is.

To make the curtains long enough I sewed drop cloth material onto the bottoms of each panel.

This chair, found on Wayfair, adds a little bit of glam among all the distressed and antique pieces that fill the room.  The mantel was a gift from my mom.  You can read more about it here.

The throw pillow and floor lamp are Walmart finds.

When designing our living room this time around, I did a lot less decorating. I focused on how I could create a pretty room, but also a room that is functional and easy to maintain. 

For me that meant keeping the table surfaces mostly clear.  I keep a tray on the coffee table to hold books we are currently reading easily accessible and neat.

The other tables are pretty much clear except for maybe a lamp or a simple accessory.  I wanted to create a room that we could actually live in!

Back to the floors.  So far we've just left them alone.  I cleaned them and sanded down a few places.  We've debated whether or not we want to refinish them.  I love the old worn character so I'm afraid to do too much to them until we are completely sure what we want to do.

My dad gave us his old TV.  My husband loves it, but I'm going to have to find a different piece of furniture to hold it!  I love this dresser so much, it will be difficult to find a replacement!

The tobacco basket belonged to my husband's great grandfather.  We were so happy to receive it as a gift earlier this year.  The barn painting is a recent Kirkland's find and was a bargain at $19.99!

I'm slowly dragging out a few Spring and Easter things here and there.

The cow painting is another Kirkland's find.

I love to mix and match throw pillows.  The new additions are the geometric navy and white pillow, found at Walmart, and the floral print pillow, found at Burke's outlet.  The others have been around for a while!

I think a pom pom throw adds a little jazz to any room.  This one is from TJ Maxx.  They always have a great selection.

And that's it.  It's so much easier to clean and maintain now that I've simplified everything and decorated less.  I'm still working on the other side of the room. I'm in the middle of re-styling the built-ins and re-arranging a few things.  I'll share all that in another post.  Right now it's a big mess. :)

Thanks so much for checking in!

Have a BLESSED day!
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