Wednesday, December 20, 2017

DIY Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Glass cleaning happens pretty regularly around here. With dogs and kids and lots of running in and out, our glass doors get a lot of use and see a lot of dirt.

In our quest to live a little more natural, we gave up traditional cleaners.

Cleaning without toxic chemicals doesn't mean your home isn't getting clean.  We've actually found the exact opposite to be true.

We have grown up with this mindset that if you can't smell the bleach or Lysol in the air, then it's not clean, but do you know what clean actually smells like? Nothing.  It smells like nothing.

With that said, I love for my home to smell nice, so that's one of the reasons I like to add essential oils to all my DIY cleaners.  They smell nice, naturally, and I can reap the health benefits of breathing them in while I clean. 

Another bonus to using natural cleaners is that my kids can help me clean without me having to worry about them inhaling toxic fumes. 

This cleaner will leave your glass sparkling clean and streak free.  You will see that I added Lavender to mine because I love the scent of true Lavender, it makes me happy to clean rather than dreading the task at hand.  You can add any oil you'd like.

I like to use glass amber spray bottles for my cleaners.  I buy them from Amazon. I leave my cleaners sitting out a lot of the time so I have quick access to them, and I love the way these bottles look.  They add such a charming timeless feel and they make me smile.

I like to tie on tags to label them and I jot down the recipe on the back so when it's time to refill, it's right there.

Jake is even amazed. ;)

Have a blessed day & happy cleaning!

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