Friday, February 23, 2018

Back to Basics - in the Kitchen

Back to basics.  This has been the theme to my un-decorating journey I talked about on Instagram.  You all know how much I love to decorate and freshen up spaces through out our home.  I truly believe it's an important part of homemaking.  When we create spaces for our family that are welcoming and inspiring to be in, we are blessing our family and all who enter.

Over the last year I feel like our house went through a bit of an identity crisis.  It sounds kind of funny, but it's true.  When we first moved here, I was all about farmhouse style everything - and I still love it, but I've found that I love other styles too. I was drawn to so many different styles that our home became a bit of a cluttered up, confused mess.

I just didn't like it. I decided I had been over decorating. I had fallen back into the habit of buying something because I thought I liked it, rather than carefully planning out our spaces.  It's so easy to fall in to the trap of trends.  It really is.  We are constantly being bombarded with new trends and fads in home design and it can make one feel the need to constantly keep up.

I decided enough was enough and put a new plan in place for the way I wanted our home to look and feel.  I put together a list of what I love and my vision for our home.  I de-cluttered like crazy and got rid of so much stuff that didn't fit my new list.

I'm definitely not a minimalist, but I do desire simplicity in our home.  Every item in our home should be something we truly love, enjoy, and use for a purpose.  When we can find items that serve a purpose and bring us joy at the same time, that's even better.  An example of this for me is my cleaning supplies.  I enjoy cleaning so much more when I love what I'm using to clean with. Making my own cleaners and using pretty glass bottles is fun for me.  I also purchased a new broom, dust pan, and duster and I have them on display in my laundry room.  They are both useful and pretty to look at. My old plastic broom used to drive me batty because it was such an eye sore, yet I needed it out all the time.  This is so much better!

My vision for our home:

Light, neutral, and cool toned back grounds (walls, curtains, bedding).  I found a neutral shade of gray paint that I really like and I've been slowly but surely painting each room of our home this color, with the exception of the kid's rooms.  I've found that I like when all the rooms in our home are cohesive and painted the same color.

Contrast.  I really love contrast.  I love the combination of bright white and rustic wood.  I love the combination of our painted dining set and our wood hutch.  Another example is our painted cabinets paired with the barn wood surrounding our island.

Natural texture.  I've realized I have a thing for baskets,  jute rugs, and woven shades.  These things are constants through out our home.  Old baskets, new baskets, I love them all!  I also love that they serve a purpose and they look nice.  I've found some really amazing baskets at thrift stores and yard sales.  Baskets and wood pieces here and there add warmth to our cool toned home.  These items help our home feel cozy despite all the white.

Meaningful and unique decor.  Some of my most favorite decor items are things that have been passed down to us or items I've found at thrift stores and yard sales.  I really love a home that looks as though it was carefully pieced together over time rather than a home straight out of a magazine ad.  This kind of thinking also keeps me from impulse buying things I know I don't really need or won't enjoy for years to come.

Pops of blue.  I'm not a huge fan of tons of color in our home, but I do love pops of blue here and there.  Our antique blue mason jar collection is one of my favorite things.  The canisters that sit out on our counter were a gift from my sweet Audrey, and you will notice a few of our doors have been painted a happy shade of teal.  These are a few ways I like to add in subtle color to our otherwise neutral palate.  I love the idea of choosing a color that speaks to you and sticking to it, in various shades, through out your entire home. This is a great way to add to the cohesive flow in your home.

Now moving forward, I stick to my list. I finally feel like our home has found it's identity, and I've realized that it doesn't exactly fit a specific style.  I like that.  Do you have a vision for your home?  I would love for you to share it with me!

Have a Blessed weekend,

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