Monday, April 9, 2018

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover - A Quick Pick-Me-Up for Tired Furniture

Sometimes we desire a change in our home, especially with the changing seasons. When I'm ready for a fresh look, I like to take inventory of what I already have and go from there.

I love this hutch that sits in our kitchen.  We bought it when we bought our house. I imagine it's been in this kitchen since the house was remodeled in the 60's.  Although I love it, it was starting to feel a little tired and dated.

I had this wallpaper sitting in my Amazon cart for over a year.  I was so drawn to the soothing colors and floral pattern. Something about it is so calming to me. Once I knew exactly how I could incorporate it in our home, I took the plunge and bought it.

I'm certainly not an expert on wallpapering, but I will tell you that having these tools on hand made things so much easier.  I found the adhesive and the smoothing tool at Lowes. This wallpaper requires paste.  I was leery of this at first, but now that I've used it, I will tell you it's so much easier to hang than the kind you have to wet.  I will never buy that kind again after using this.

 Once I found my rhythm, the process went by pretty quickly.  I was on a roll, so I didn't get any in progress pictures.  The instructions that came with the wallpaper were very simple to follow.  The main thing is to make sure that the surface is very clean before you begin.  A quick wipe down with my Thieves cleaner did the trick.

The most difficult part for me was trying to get the pieces the correct length without wasting any paper.  I'm terrible at measuring, so I ended up eye-balling it.  I wouldn't suggest doing it that way.  I used a paint brush to apply the paste to the back of the wallpaper, this worked really well.

If you look closely you will see that I still need to trim the excess pieces, but I'll get to that one of these days. I need to buy a sharper blade for my utility knife.  I was way too excited to start filling the shelves to wait.

I love the way it turned out - the perfect touch of vintage charm. This is such an easy option for sprucing up tired furniture. I think wallpaper would be fun to add to dressers, tables, doors, and more.  With so many styles to choose from, you can really get creative!  Have you used wallpaper in your home? I'd love to hear about it!

Have a blessed day!

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