Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Spring Laundry Room Refresh

 In the nearly 5 years that we've lived here, I've never shared an updated look around our laundry room.  When we first moved in we painted and spruced it up a little, but I didn't really implement anything for storage and function, so little by little, it became a cluttered mess.  It became a room that I dreaded walking into.

Over the last couple of weeks we've decluttered, painted, and reconfigured the space to turn it into a room we enjoy being in! I'm a huge fan of creating spaces in your home that bring you joy, especially spaces like the laundry room, where so much work happens!

We added these hooks on the wall to hold things like our keys, hats, scarves, jackets, etc. to help cut down on the amount of clutter that ends up on our kitchen counters.  Our counters are always the catch all spot, so this has been a big help!

We decided to shorten the length of the hanging bar because it had become overcrowded and cluttered.  We were trying to store way too much stuff in here. Now, the only thing here is my husband's work clothes.  We have limited closet space, so he keeps his work clothes here.  We have a little space left over and a few extra hangers in case I need to hang something here temporarily to dry.

The baskets above hold things like our winter hats and gloves and other outdoor wear/accessories.  I don't do a ton of ironing, but I like to have an ironing board on hand for those times that I do.  I also keep my DIY linen spray here.  I use it often to help knock our wrinkles or freshen up our linens.  It doubles as a room spray.  This one is a lavender spruce scent and it's perfect for Spring.

For the most part I shopped our house for this makeover, but I did purchase a new laundry hamper.  I've been wanting a hamper with compartments for a long time, and I finally found one that I love!  It has three compartments so I'm no longer piling laundry up in the floor.

My favorite part of this entire makeover are the shelves we hung above the folding area. This has freed up so much space, now I can actually fold our laundry here!  

The glass jars create easy access to all my supplies, plus they add functional decor, which is my favorite.  I'll do another post soon explaining my natural laundry routine and how I use all of these supplies.

The basket on the counter is my husband's catch all basket.  When he comes in, he always has change, receipts, etc. and this is where all of those things go until he can get around to sorting it all.

I try to keep shoes in here to a minimum, but we still have to have a place to keep a few pairs.  This crate was a gift from our aunt, and serves this purpose well.

Here we are looking back towards the back of the house.  Our kitchen is to the left and the door to the right leads to our garage. Last year I made the switch to a wooden broom and metal dust pan. I love them! They have made cleaning way more enjoyable for me, and let's face it, we use these things pretty much daily so they might as well be pretty.  I keep them hanging here for convenience and also functional decor.

Lastly is this hanging plant.  I'm not very good at keeping plants alive, but my mom told me ivy is easier to keep up.  I found this ivy plant at Lowes, so we will see how well I can care for it!  I'd love to fill our home with plants, but I'm not quite there yet.

Thanks for checking out our new laundry space.  I'll leave a source list below as well as the link to a video tour I did of this space.

Have a blessed day!

Check out the video tour here.

Source List:
Wall color - Gray White (Valspar)
Shelving brackets - Lowes
Glass jars - Walmart
Laundry basket - Walmart
Seagrass basket - Walmart
Lamp - Walmart
Cabinet knobs - Hobby Lobby
Jute Rug - Rugs USA
Hamper - Wayfair
Wooden hangers - Amazon
Baskets on shelf - Target
Ironing board cover - Amazon
Iron cady - Walmart
Macrame plant hanger - Ross
Farmhouse crate - TJMaxx

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