Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Natural Homemaking - Dusting Spray

When it comes to cleaning our home, I stick to products that I know are safe for our family.  This usually means making my own cleaning supplies.

I haven't always been this mindful of what I use, but if you've ever read our story then you know this topic is now very close to my heart. 

Natural products are pretty trendy now, and a lot of companies have picked up on that.  As a result our stores are now flooded with "natural" and "green cleaning" options, but I encourage you to take a closer look at the ingredients in them.

Most of the time they are not really that natural and that's thanks to the current labeling laws we have, which are not so great.  So basically we have to educate ourselves and be smart consumers.

This is why I now make so many of my cleaning products.  I know what's in them and I've found that they are super effective in cleaning our home. Plus I'm saving a ton of money and my family can breathe easier.

Today I want to share my favorite dusting spray recipe.  I typically use Thieves cleaner for things like my counter tops because I want those surfaces to be CLEAN.  Thieves is an essential oil blend from Young Living and it is so powerful.  We will chat more about that in another post.

This recipe is for things like our hutch, table tops, bookshelves, etc.  Anything I want to add a little shine to.  It works great for wood furniture and also painted furniture pieces, and it smells amazing!

Here's what you'll need:
16 ounce glass or metal spray bottle
2 tbsp fractionated coconut oil
2 tbsp liquid castile soap
20 drops Lavender essential oil
15 drops Citrus Fresh essential oil
distilled water

Combine all the ingredients and then top off the bottle with distilled water.  I like to use a microfiber cloth along with this spray for the best results.

The mixture will separate in between cleaning sessions, so make sure to give the bottle a little swirl before you start cleaning each time.

Happy Dusting!


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