Our Natural Living Story


Complications during our son's birth led to a series of changes for our family.  His need for respiratory support ultimately led us to a more natural lifestyle.

In time we realized that our home environment played a key role in his breathing and overall health - and the wellness of us all.  This meant we needed to eliminate as many chemicals and synthetics as possible from our home.

All the fragrant candles and plug-ins that I loved so much? Gone. Smelly detergents and synthetic sprays? Gone.

Little by little our son began to thrive, and we noticed that we started feeling better as well. Subtle yet welcoming changes like increased energy, better sleep, and better moods. I wish we had picked up on all this sooner, but I'm thankful we finally did. It's never too late to make a healthy change.

After educating myself on current labeling laws and the ingredients that make up most products on the market today, I realized that most families truly don't know.  If they did, there's no way they'd be slathering these products on their children or cleaning their homes with them.

I'm passionate about sharing our lifestyle with others and helping other families make the switch. It's nice to have a friend to call on and I love being that friend.

Sometimes we tend to over complicate things to the point where we give up, but it doesn't have to be that way. Your family is worth it.  We like to practice what we call transfer buying.  As soon as we use something up, we replace it with a better option. One healthy switch at a time.

Where to begin

I think it's essential for every family to have a good stash of essential oils in their home.  Essential oils are the lifeline of the plant, much like our blood is to us. The same healing properties that oils provide for the plant can be used for our body's wellness too. 

I use essential oils in so many of my DIY cleaning recipes as well as to purify and cleanse the air in our home.  We enjoy diffusing oils and applying them topically too.  It makes my mama heart happy to care for my family in this way.

Our family uses Young Living oils. As you know, farming is near and dear to our hearts.  We have a clear understanding that the way in which a crop is cared for has a huge impact on the final product.

Young Living's thorough Seed to Seal process ensures 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils of the highest quality. This is what sets them apart.

How to get oils in your home

Remember how I said that every home should have a good oil stash? Young Living offers a kit called the Premium Starter kit.  It's carefully designed to give the new oil user all the basic oils they will need as well as a diffuser at a discounted price.  They throw in some extra things too.

This kit costs $165 and includes Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Raven, Stress Away, Panaway, Valor, DiGize, Thieves, Peace & Calming, and Citrus Fresh.

When you get your kit, you also get a wholesale membership so you can order products as you wish at 24% off retail. They also have a rewards program you can participate in and earn free oils if you wish to do so.

Our oil family has an awesome online support group where we learn and grow together. Surrounding yourself with a community of friends with a shared passion is a beautiful thing and of utmost importance when making the journey to a more natural lifestyle.

Click here to order and set up your very own Young Living account.  You will see my number entered as sponsor and enroller, but if not, my number is 10969905. If you need help, I'm happy to help guide you.  Once you order, start checking your mailbox for a special welcome package from me.


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