Our Farmhouse

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In 2014 we were blessed with the opportunity to purchase our dream property, an 80 acre farm with an old farmhouse full of character.  To this day it still needs a lot of work - we are slowly but surely making it our own.

As for now we are doing minor things like painting, switching out a few lights, etc.  The major renovating will come along later. 

Exterior Before


Before, our home had three huge dangerous trees right against the front of the house.  Now that they are gone we can really see the house! I finally wrapped up painting the exterior, which really made a difference! We will be replacing the doors and windows, adding shutters, building on a large covered farmhouse style front porch, and adding some landscaping later on.


Foyer Before

Paint paint and more paint has made this space feel so much bigger and brighter.  We removed the old carpet from the stairs and painted the walls a soft gray blue.  We discovered the original hardwood floors all throughout the first floor, so we are slowly but surely ripping up all the carpet.  These floors must be from the original farmhouse that was here in the early 1900's. These are definitely not 1960's hardwood floors! We know that the staircase was also part of the old farmhouse.


Kitchen Before

Kitchen Progress

I love the size of our kitchen and the layout.  Things like painting the cabinets and counter tops, removing a few bulky cabinets, and updating the hardware and a couple of appliances have transformed the space on a budget.  Read more about our farmhouse kitchen makeover here.

A few months ago I painted an older dining set to create a couple more seats around our table and I found a rug on Amazon to complete the look. Click here to read more.

I changed things up once again for Spring and Summer by switching out a couple chairs and adding soft white curtains.  Read more of my Spring home tips here.

Living Room Before

Living Room Progress

Read more about our living room progress here and here.
See my most recent living room tour here and read about our fireplace sitting area here

My mom found this beautiful mantel for me and it matches our farmhouse perfectly! It completes our living room. I've written all about it here.

Our living room got a fresh look when we ripped up all the carpet and re-painted the walls a soft shade of gray.

Sunroom Before

No progress has been made in here yet.  All the furniture and books were here when we bought the property.  I have future plans to turn this space into a screened in porch, but for right now I may turn it into a playroom for the kids.  For some reason this is their favorite room in the house and they play in here constantly.  They use the window, which leads to the living room, as their drive through window.  They love it! I think I can make it a fun space for them.

Laundry Room Before

The laundry room is right as you walk in from the garage and before you walk into the kitchen.  This is another space that I haven't started on yet, but it's on my to-do list.

Powder Room Before

Powder Room After

We recently finished up our powder room makeover.  This room is tucked away under our stairs, and is the bathroom our guests use, so I was excited to get it done.  Read about it here.

Guest Bedroom Before

Guest Bedroom Progress

Guest Bathroom Before

Upstairs Hallway Before

Upstairs Hallway Progress

A little more up to date progress

The carpet up here was just too gross to live with, so we went ahead and had new hardwood floors installed.  I painted all the walls and trim which really helped brighten up the space and allowed the staircase to stand out!

Our Bedroom Before

Our Bedroom Progress

Read all about our master bedroom transformation here.

Audrey's Room Before

Audrey's Room Progress

Roby's Room Before

Roby's Room Progress

Upstairs Bathroom Before

Lots and lots of paint brought this room a little more up to date while still maintaining the character of the house. I even painted the sinks, bathtub, and counter top!

Upstairs bathroom progress

Click here to read more.

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