Our First Home

We lived in our first home for a little over 5 years.  When we purchased it, it was in major need of  some TLC.  I could envision the potential from day one, and I was eager to begin turning this house into a home for our sweet family.  

Exterior Before

Before, the exterior was pretty plain with very little landscaping and an ugly door. 

Exterior After

We painted the vinyl siding a warm gray color, and painted the front door a soft teal blue.  We installed a new storm door, and freshened up all the landscaping.  The addition of a couple of wreaths helped cozy it right up.  I had plans for a covered front porch if we had stayed here a little longer. 

Kitchen Before

Before, our kitchen had yucky fake looking marble laminate counter tops and back splash, brown appliances, a stained linoleum floor, and a rotten sub floor, that we didn't discover until we started ripping everything out.

Kitchen After

We replaced the counter top, added a bead board back splash, installed a new sink and faucet, new appliances, and new flooring.  We painted the existing cabinets and switched out the hardware on them.  We also beefed them up a little by adding some crown molding to the tops.  A couple of years ago we added on a laundry room, so I had to lose the window.  In it's place we added floating shelves.  I missed my window, but it was worth it to gain a laundry room!

Dining Space

I don't have a before photo of our dining space because it's basically just the other side of our kitchen.  I gave some old dining furniture a makeover to create our dining set.

I painted stripes on one wall to ground the space a little.  I used chalkboard paint to give the closet doors a little character and add some function.  The door pictured above is our pantry.

Living Room Before

Before, our living room was very dark and gloomy with all the wood paneling.  We filled in the cracks and painted everything to give it a fresh look.  You have to really look close to see that it isn't drywall.

Living Room After

Neutral paint and furnishings and white trim keep things feeling calm and soothing, while making the space feel larger than it truly is.

Master Bedroom Before

Before, our master bedroom felt cramped with the overwhelming shade of blue paint, and a ceiling fan which was a little dated.

Master Bedroom After

A fresh coat of paint, an ellegant new light fixture, and fun striped closet doors give the space some personality, and the pops of yellow keep things cheery, yet still serene. 

Laundry Room

We added on a laundry room a couple of years ago.  Before, our washer and dryer sat in our unfinished basement. Adding a main floor laundry room was one of my favorite changes we made to this house.  It is a relatively small space, but it is loaded with function.

Bathroom Before

Before, our one and only bathroom was a disaster, but I loved the layout and the big window.

Bathroom After

We replaced pretty much everything in here! I felt comfortable going with the bold navy wall color since the white bead board and chair railing kept the space feeling light and airy, plus this room has a ton of natural light!

Bathroom Closet Before

Before, this closet served it's purpose, but not to it's full potential! The door opened right into the entrance door to the bathroom, which disrupted the flow of the space.

Bathroom Closet After

We switched out the door for a flowing curtain panel, and painted the closet the same color as the bathroom walls to make it feel like an extension of the room.  The addition of baskets and coordinating towels and accessories completed the space.


Our playroom is the other part of the addition we added on a while back, along with our laundry room.  At first we used the space as our dining room, but then as our family grew and needs changed, we turned it into a fabulous play space for our kids.

Back Entry and Mini Mudroom

The other side of the playroom is where the door we use to enter and exit our house daily is located.  It leads out to our carport, which we used more as a patio.

I created a memo station here to help keep our mail and schedules organized.

Across from this door is our mini mudroom.

It's nothing more than a bench and some hooks on a small wall, but it adds loads of function to our small home.  Shoes, jackets, and bags are no longer thrown in the floor when we walk in the door.  They now have a designated place to go until they can be put away at a later time.

My Daughter's Bedroom Before

We kept the consistent flow of white trim throughout my children's bedrooms as well to tie the whole house together.  We first painted my daughter's room a soft gray and added pretty pink accessories.

As she grew older she decided she should have more input in how her room was decorated so she picked out a fun blue paint color and Hello Kitty accessories.  We also created a homework station in her room when she started Kindergarten and gave her closet a big makeover.

My Son's Bedroom Before

Unfortunately I don't have many after photos of my son's room.  Blogging moved to the back burner for a while after his birth.  I was planning a fun big boy room makeover for him when we made the decision to purchase the farm and make our big move.  I painted his nursery a soft green and painted navy stripes on the wall.  My husband had an extra vinyl decal of his race car number, so I thought that would be something fun to add to this space.  This room was small, but so special because it was also Audrey's nursery.  I think it is so neat that both of my babies used the same room as their nurseries.  Of course it was pink when it was Audrey's.

My Hair Salon Before

Before, this section of our basement was a little scary and extremely neglected. After dealing with some mold issues and completing a pretty major remodel, I had a nice and comfortable place to work from home!

Salon After

That wraps up the tour of our first home! Oh how I loved this place and I miss it! We have so many special memories here and so many firsts, but I know we will create many more on our farm in our new home!

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